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  1. Could you provide us with a little more information on the issue in hand? Your post is a little vague. Perhaps a error message? Regards.
  2. Seems as If I'm not going to be around very much anymore. Work have decided to move me to Devon until Christmas, which means no PC until then. Gonna miss this community <3

  3. The only way this can happen is for TruckersMP to buy every person on the game a DLC, which of course, won't ever happen. It's not a bug, and I'm sure in the future something will be done. You can find some more info on this from a previous topic of the same nature - Regards.
  4. Have you checked if the drivers need updating?
  5. You have said that you have re-installed ETS2, but have you re-installed the Multiplayer Mod, as suggested on the error message. Also, try to run the game with Administrator Privileges, or verify the game cache.
  6. Just been down the Calais - Duisburg road. Good grief, never seen anything like it. Cars flying left, right and centre, truck overtaking on blinds bends at ridiculous speeds, what a mess. Will be avoiding that one for a while.

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    2. jacoblovekw


      FCT invented the Calais-Duisburg road ay @Lee1206 ;) 

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Love that road :D Going to start using it more often :D 

  7. Zyder


    Hello @Pursuit In order to become a In-Game Admin, you need to be a Forum Moderator first. Please familiarise yourself with the requirements to become a Forum Moderator, before you apply next time the applications open: Regards.
  8. Happy Birthday Panda :P

  9. When you report someone, you need the TruckersMP ID, as the Admin has said in your screenshot. To find this, there is 2ways of doing this. You can do /pinfo in the game, then it will come up with the relevant ID's for a report on the website. Find the ID by going into your documents and the logs. This tutorial will help with this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5na-RFlGmU Regards.
  10. If you are talking about how you get it to work, you need to press F3 to active it (default key on keyboard), then f5 to select the GPS option (should automatically be on the GPS). On the other hand, if your talking about a Tom Tom GPS Mod, I'm afraid TruckersMP does not support this, but feel free to check out the other mods on the links provided above! Regards.
  11. Love this song, keeps me in the mood :P


  12. Just clicked on @Kat_pw Steam profile, and well.....




    How many hours? :P

  13. ^Maybe players/admins should have a choice? Your ID way would be better for Admins, who may possibly want to tag the player more quickly, where as the more simple shorter names could be tagged by the names?
  14. Suggestion Name: Tagged names in-game Suggestion Description: Similar to the forums, when a player in-game types your name, it will appear highlighted and tagged in-game, making it easier for them to be identified, and to get there attention. Any example images: Nope. Why should it be added?: It should be added because it would make it easier for players to identity each other, and it would be useful in getting there attention (thinking of an Admins POV when giving them a warning etc...). For example, instead of an Admin saying 'No overtaking Zyder' it would be easier to identify them if they where to say 'No overtaking @Zyder' using the tagged in-game system, by just adding @ in front of the players name.
  15. Finally back from holiday! Far too hot in Spain, but a nice break.


    Congrats on your promotion @HumaneWolf


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    2. Zyder


      Apart from the heat, amazing break away thanks :D

    3. Leo35


      if you get hot, dip in pool :) pal :) where abouts in Spain did ya go?

    4. Leo35


      Congrats Wolfie btw :) 

  16. Change the hotkey for your mute button to another key on your keyboard. Regards.
  17. Thus topic may be able to help you. If not, maybe try to verify the game cache via steam, or re-install, making sure it's to the correct path. Regards.
  18. Try to lower your graphical settings in game, as your game may be freezing due to you having too high settings for your GPU. Are you getting a high FPS or low when this happens? Regards.
  19. 2weeks in the sun is calling my name, after 2years of no holidays.


    Bye now :3

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    2. Splixz


      Get back roasted mate! :P

  20. You are allowed to download any profile you want and play with it online. Alternatively, you can use CheatEngine to cheat money and XP(levels) into your current profile. Please note, playing with Quick Jobs online does not work, so you are required to have your own truck when playing Multiplayer. Regards.
  21. Have you tried the suggested re-install of the game?
  22. Little bit of ProMods for a change. Why not?



  23. Unfortunately, I don't think this can be changed. The reason this is is because players who don't have the Mighty Griffin DLC aren't able to see the accessories from that DLC, so if you change the rear lights, as you have said, players can't see them, which of a night, could be dangerous. But then again. not many players drive around without a trailer, and the lights on the trailer still work? There's very few circumstances where players aren't with a trailer. Either to troll, or a bob-tailing back to another destination. But overall, I agree that whatever can be done to prevent this should happen. Regards.
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