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  1. HELP! Snow isnt fallin to my window, i see snow, but not on my window on truck. why?

    1. xtremealu


      If you want the real snow, for which you have to use wipers on your window, increase rain probability in game settings

    2. MashedPotaton8r


      That's normal. The snow doesn't land on your windscreen. You have to wait for rain if you want to see the snow on the windscreen

    3. DJ Lewis

      DJ Lewis

      Or you can do g_set_weather 1 in the console if you have it enabled.

  2. aLd1X


    Tieši tā. Pats arī dažus esmu saticis
  3. Hello, can you make me signature? Some truck (Volvo or Mercedes) and my nickname: aLd1X.. Please
  4. Yes, i have the same problem...
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