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  1. Well the ordered screens arent yet arrived Well its a big passion of myself. so together with some friends its a nice project I own a flying license for the small airplanes but its awesome to be able to have a 1:1 sim in your house
  2. I have another setup WIP but has nothing to do with trucks..
  3. Agreed. Parking in MP is not a waiting line like one for the vending machine or coffee machine haha. I agree that it is very difficult to park your trailer in busy areas and with other people constantly moving around your parking place. On the bigger pickup/delivery areas you can choose the option to auto park of course. As already said its difficult to come up with a solution. I do not know what can be changed by code.. For example in the area of where you need to park you trailer +- 2 m around its best place to ghost but to include the whole NCZ i foresee isues with the entry and leaving caused by sudden appearance.
  4. I know I have the same problem. It freezes every 5 min for 2-5 seconds. I dont know how to disable autosave either
  5. I have tried the solution described on https://steamcommunity.com/app/227300/discussions/0/648814213882445193/ What do i have to do with the edited editor_data.sii file?
  6. Hello guys, Since recently i am suffering from a problem that can get quite annoying. My game freezes 2-5 seconds every 5 minutes. Its a timed freeze. I disable log writing in MP settings, i have 0 drivers so i suspect it has something to do with autosave or something else that is done every 5 minutes. I just cant find how to change or disable the autosave frequency or option Thanks!
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