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  1. PROMODS IS OUT FOR ETS2MP! WOOP WOOP FINALLY! I Already played on it and just finished the road to the Quarry from Kirkenes, I was sweating in my seat with my B-Double trailer.?

  2. @BL4CK$K1LLThanks for the follow! ❤️ 

    1. Leon Baker

      Leon Baker

      You're welcome ❤️ 

  3. Loved the convoy ladies and gent's! Thanks to TMF and all the staff who were there to organize this! Love you all much! ❤️ And Ofcourse, Thank you Viva Trucking/Viva Netherlands for being there and to show our appreciation and activity for this Cause.spacer.pngspacer.png

  4. Ready for this year's Truckers FM 4th Anniversary Event, I hope to see you all there, there will be an event server where it will be hosted in Calais, at the harbor. image0.jpg


    1. [MCG] Masunio

      [MCG] Masunio

      yeah hope to see you there ? 

  5. G'day everyone time to play some Euro truck sim online! Hope to see you all online!


  6. Goodnight everyone! Had much fun today on TruckersMP see you all tomorrow.spacer.png

  7. Ready to go play some Euro Truck Simulator with my Viva Friends. I hope to see you all ingame and to maybe drive with one of you one day!spacer.png

  8. Thanks for follow. :))))

    1. AaronReacher


      Thank you too for following back!

  9. Done my transports, Goodnight TruckersMP!

  10. Ready to do a few transports in Simulation 1, see you there Truckers.

  11. Thanks for the follow :) Much appreciated

    1. AaronReacher


      No problem. Trying to get more active on the forum!

  12. Alright people, time for me to head off, Goodnight TruckerMP!

  13. Okay so, I still did the Convoy! I joined in Liegé, From there more then 200 truckers, we all drove to Calais, in order to raise awareness for the breast cancer. I wanne thank all the staff and people who made this convoy possible!

  14. Nothing much today, I tried to join the Pink Ribbon Convoy, sadly it's to busy and to laggy for me to ride along, for everyone who is going. Good luck and have a nice and safe trip!

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