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  1. I'm using a G27 I drive with someone who uses a joystick to drive (and surprisingly well too!), missing that option in the poll
  2. I stop at every red light, no matter what. I love (roleplaying) road rule driving, I try to avoid any tickets (only get one like once every few weeks), and simply because the very first rule in the multiplayer server rules states this:" While Driving in TruckersMP, users are required to follow the traffic laws of the respective country. " Yes it sais so very literally. Although it seems like nobody ever notices that being the first rule...
  3. I'd just have some common sense when overtaking, I see so many people blindly overtaking, no matter the situation. My advise would be, do your overtaking like you would do in real life, and take into account you're in a truck (unless you're in a car of course); - Don't overtake in right curves (left curves in the UK) - Don't overtake in left curves (right curves in the UK) that have your vision ahead blocked by buildings, trees etc. - Don't overtake in front of hills/inclines, as they will slow you down and make your overtake last very long, and you can't see traffic coming from the other side of the hill - Don't overtake over a solid white line, SCS did a pretty good job putting them in the right places where overtaking is dangerous by default. - Don't overtake at railroad crossings. - Check your route finder before overtaking, if there's a crossing, trafficlights, fuel/reststop up ahead. For all you know the traffic in front of you might stop for rest/fuel, or take a different route then you are taking, and there's no need to take the risk. - Only overtake if you can see ahead far enough, and then still take into consideration that some oncoming traffic in MP might come at you at rediculous speeds. - Take into account the MP / sync specific points that Cyrusj quoted earlier in this topic - if you do find yourself coming straight at opposing traffic during an overtake, have the decency to steer into the soft shoulder (if you can of course), and do it right away and plenty on time so it's clear to the opposing traffic that they can stay in their own lane without hitting you. If you can't, try to stick to the middle of the road, if you have the room, so oncoming traffic has enough room to pass you on the outside. Of course, if you've just started the overtake and someones coming, abort your overtake instead of trying to complete it. - If you you're overtaking and find yourself in a situation where a frontal collision is unavoidable, slam your brakes in an effort to keep damage to a minimum (this goes for both trucks), and be aware you might still get reported/banned despite your efforts.
  4. Lot's of bad driving there for sure. You're making quite a few mistakes yourself too without noticing yourself though, just shows we all can make mistakes
  5. Can agree on the brakes, although, they seem fine when you drive the car at car speed limits. Perhaps they just seem bad because people drive 200 km/h all the time. One other tweak I'd love to see is for cars to damage easier. If a car can manage to do 20% damage to a truck, it should be 100% damaged itself Just a suggestion of course.
  6. I have these loading freezes in singleplayer when I use more then 6 gigs of mods (for example promods+ rusmaps + jazzycat trailer packs), and this is nothing like it. This only happend 2 times to me so far, the hundreds of other players I pass do nothing to my FPS, and even the traffic jams at oxnard I end up with better FPS then with this single one truck I am talking about. It is also a gradual process. The closer I get, the more I (FPS)lag, and the lag only gets better if you increase your distance to the player again. [email protected], was wondering if more people had a similar experience. Hopefully someone can shed some more light on this.
  7. I've noticed two times now that a precence of a single player near me can absolutely trash my FPS. Example: I'm driving in the middle of nowhere and in front of me I see a lone truck without a trailer parked on the side of the road. (he seems to be normally parked, not crashed into something or clipping in the ground or such) As soon as I'm like within 100 meters of him, my FPS starts dropping sharply (using steam FPS counter). When next to him, my FPS has dropped from 60 to 8-12 FPS. As soon as I'm passed him my FPS slowely improves again, and once distance is 100+ m again my FPS goes back to normal 60 FPS. When pressing TAB, I see that he is the only person in the list next to me, no other players in the list, so I'm pretty sure that it is his truck causing the sharp FPS drop. So couple of questions: What causes this, is that player using unallowed mods that make my FPS drop or something like that? Also, should I report that player, and will an admin be able to see that he is causing sharp FPS drops as well when he checks him out? Just to make it clear, I'm not talking about a 'regular' FPS drop, like approaching the Oxnard traffic jam where you get 60+ players into view, it makes perfect sense that that will cause an FPS drop, I'm talking about a single lone truck causing a very sharp and noticable FPS drop as soon as you get near him. Also, my pc is near recommended specs, so except for the huge clusters of trucks at Oxnard and similar places I rarely see any FPS drops. Edit: this was in ATSMP btw Euro1 server.
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