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  1. I just did speed test to Rennes in France here is the result: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4384123690
  2. Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem as I am, ever since the new mp update I keep getting kicked off every server within 10 seconds of spawning into game for too high ping I haven't had this problem for a long time my new internet provider gives me a really low ping to server's here in Australia and I did a ping test on pingtest.net to france where eu 1 is located and got around 150ms I average around 250 to 350 ping on either servers most of the time but since new update I haven't been able to go on mp because of this, Just wondering if anyone else is having the same sort of issue
  3. I just started downloading after reading this topic and was surprised compared to what others were getting
  4. Big_D2017

    gtx 970

    I wouldn't worry about upgrading just yet unless the devs are going to try and make a 64 bit version of mp but as it's alot of work to get 32 bit up and running 64 bit they may not have much time but fingers crossed that one day they may just do it
  5. all good now us server seems to work fine for me thanks for all your help
  6. well not with ping test haven't gone into mp im about to hopefully everything is all good as it is im on adsl 2 + with a 21mbps connection it all runs fast and my other online gaming I have no problems such as assetto corsa or rfactor 2 just this
  7. I have done ping test and everything seems ok no packet loss ping on a eu server was 320 didn't fluctuate and jitter was only 2ms
  8. Yea it happens pretty much within 2 minutes of connecting then goes to offline mode, yea I'm sure it is a server in australia it's tested against speedtest.net is worldwide it picks the server suited to your location
  9. I'm in australia I have tried every server, my ping never fluctuates it remains the same 24/7 it just seems weird and downloads are always off whenever im playing online
  10. Big_D2017

    Ping Issue

    Hey everyone I'm kind of new here I have been on ets2 for a year or 2 but not multiplayer I just started but am having some connection issues with your servers, I keep getting kicked for bad ping but I have checked my connection via speedtest.net and find my ping to be fairly good it says when it kicks me my ping is 654ms but on speedtest it shows I have a ping of 101ms I'm not too sure if it has something to do with distance as I'm in australia can someone please help me out and let me know if there is anything I can do as I really want to mix with people instead of ai, below is a screen shot of my connection stats on speedtest.
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