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  1. Hi guys, I see people have map expansions with israel, turkey, irak, ireland, scotland, and they have snow. how to get it? i have pro mods.
  2. When i wanna start ets2 it says this error cannot create game process.
  3. Hello first i wanna ask if there is any way to use mods online. Like a v8 sound or smoke. And what can i do with a trailer i buy? can i use it for all jobs? i didnt play for like a year so sorry for asking
  4. Thanks guys. Working for me again. Problem solved.
  5. When i start up truckers i get an error message. down here.
  6. Hello guys, I can't get online. When i log in it says i logged in, But when it connects to the server nothing happends, and it says OFFLINE in the upper right corner...I didn't play a couple of months so. Can anyone please tell me? I use the No damage mod. Maybe got something to do with that?
  7. When i bought ets2, I was playing not playing that serious, I got banned like 6 or 7 times. The last time i got banned was 7 november 2016, But i got told if i got banned again it will be permanent. Now i'm driving a year banned free, Will that history ever get deleted? Because, I have to be carefull like always now, If i make one mistake i can get permanent banned.
  8. Thanks everyone. The guy i wanted too report, Is already banned for something else, So i can't report him.
  9. Hi everyone, I bought the ''Go east'' Pack ages back. I always had jobs too italy..Polen..Switzerland etc etc....But i retired from truckersmp and now i'm back with a new profile. My starting location is amsterdam. But i dont get jobs further then netherlands, England and france, And sometimes germany. I have also changed the job length limit to max, So its not that. Please someone help me?
  10. I know you can find it in truckerslog, But if you wanna find the one you wanna report it takes you hours
  11. Will there ever be mods like v8 sounds truck horns and michelin dolls for online?
  12. The game is not lagging for me, It's the movie after recorded
  13. For central and aragon, I've tried the setting ultrafast but it doesn't make any changes, When i drive alone it's not lagging. But when i drive to rotterdam it's happening, More trucks is more lag, My specs are Intel pentium 2020M 2,4 GHz video card : intel Hd Graphicscard
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