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  1. Wohooo, @P??D?T?? (Predator) is unbanned :D:love:

  2. Guess you have the wrong gearbox. You should use 12 or 12+2 gearbox. It`s easier to haul heavy trailers due to shorter transmission. Also if you stopped on a hill you should use sequential mode because the automatic shifts up too early so your truck doesnt have enough power.
  3. Have you activated the "Combine Pedals" option in the Logitech software? If so try withouth. Do you have the problem also in other games?
  4. When you go to the Control Settings you can set the mode of the different pedals. Just play a bit with them, you`ll find the right mode pretty fast. Here is mine, you can try it if you want:
  5. Hey, take a look at this post. He explains it pretty good:
  6. It can also happen if you have a lot of drivers (SP) who drive for your company. When the game autosaves and your pc isn`t the fastest you will lag. So if you hired any drivers in SP fire them.
  7. This is a system which has been introduced a few months ago. It works like this: At the start you can create 10 reports at a time. After an admin checked your report he evaluates the report. If it's positive you'll be able to do 11 reports at a time, if it's negative you can only do 9 reports at a time. This system tries to reduce reports from people who abuse the system or often report kickable offences. So to answer you question: You can only do a max. amount of reports at a time (in your case its 11 reports at a time). When you report 11 people you can do 0 more reports. When a report has been accepted/declined and you got a positive feedback you can create a new report. Hope you understand it :-)
  8. When you start the game you can change server once you've logged in.
  9. As microphone device i've choosen default so it picks the default device which you set up in your sound overview. Maybe it works then
  10. Due u didnt answered my question if ingame or VTC Ingame: You just tell them what truck to drive. You wont see them driving etc Video: VTC: You cant give them your trucks. Your VTC member drive their own trucks due its not possible to syncronize the trucks
  11. Do you mean a VTC or a company with ingame drivers? If you mean ingame you can hire drivers from the job agency. You don't have to create a extra company. Just hire them and they'll drive for you 24/7 (If you hired a lot of them you might be lagging while autosaving). If you mean a real VTC i would recommend you to join a well known VTC to get some experience in the different positions like what they do etc. When you have a lot of experience you can create your own VTC. Some aspects which are important were allready mentioned by @Shawk2k50
  12. Unter Controls -> Look up-down axis und Look left-right axis den rechten Stick zuweisen. Die Kamera kannst du unter Gameplay etwas weiter unten ausstellen.
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