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  1. Happy Birthday ??

  2. Happy birthday Michi Punkt

  3. Happy birthday Michi Punkt ❤️????:HaulieLove:

    1. degudemichi


      Danke Fast Riiider ❤️

  4. Hey, falls du noch kein Ban Appeal erstellt hast, kannst du das hier tun -> https://truckersmp.com/appeals Sollte der Admin, der dich gebannt hat, nicht innerhalb von 72 Stunden auf deinen Appeal reagieren, kannst du ein Feedback Ticket erstellen. Das machst du auf truckersmp.com, indem du mit deiner Maus in der rechten oberen Ecke über deinen Namen gehst und dort auf Feedback klickst. Btw, der Admin der dich gebannt hat wird sicherlich gute Englischkenntnisse haben, da er sonst niemals ins Team aufgenommen worden wäre. Ich drücke dir die Daumen das du Erfolg hast mit deinem Appeal. Liebe Grüße Michi.
  5. I wouldnt worry about that. If it really happened the way you describe it, then it was the reckless driving from him, that caused this situation. However, I recommend you, do not write in ingame chat at cd road while you drive. Sure its allowed to do that, but on this road you should pay your full attention on other drivers. Have a nice day. Michi.
  6. I started in 2015 and played until 2019 very often in the week. In the beginning I played with friends, but when they lost interest, I joined a VTC. It didnt last long there and motivation was gone by myself too. So I stopped with the game, until last month. Im glad to be back because I realized what a good time it was back then.? My motivation at the moment, is to explore the new countries that are meanwhile available. Also I love my VTC, great people and a lot of convoys?
  7. I like it! Its a beautiful scenery and I hope more like this comes with future updates. When I drove there first time, I was really excited how good they did that ?
  8. Thanks for the follow ?

  9. Thats true, I was driving in the morning there and its so beautiful. They did a very good job and I hope more like this will come with future updates?
  10. Thanks for the follow?

  11. Thanks for the follow :HaulieLove:

  12. I voted yes but I have to say, that people dont realise, that the trucks that coming from the highway, have the right of way when entering cd road. Yesterday I waited like 2 minutes to drive, even I had the right of way. So I think for traffic, the new one is a better solution. But for nostalgia, I prefer the old one?
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