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  1. Is there a way to put the Michelin bibendum in that place?
  2. now i understand what i have to do, i hadn’t thought of this before and it doesn’t seem so complicated, it will only take time, thanks for the help Thank you very much, it worked perfectly https://prntscr.com/srcq6c https://prntscr.com/srcqb2
  3. When i tried https://prnt.sc/sqq5c4 https://prnt.sc/sqq53h look :( https://prnt.sc/sqq53h https://prnt.sc/sqq5c4
  4. how do i do this? just the paint job https://prnt.sc/sqvdk7 https://prnt.sc/sqvdsp
  5. https://prnt.sc/sqvdk7 https://prnt.sc/sqvdsp how?
  6. I'm new to save edit, and I really appreciate your help, but I would like you to help me again with this off-center painting, please? https://prnt.sc/sqq5c4 https://prnt.sc/sqq53h
  7. Thank you it's worked Here https://prntscr.com/sqelpp
  8. How do i fix it? I have been tried everything i know but I couldn't....
  9. I want to remove this especific bar and lights, i found the lights in game.sii but i cant remove it... Could someone help me? (sorry my bad english... zzz) https://i.imgur.com/AFsU4rp.png
  10. guys when I start the euro truck simulator 2 multiplayer, I automatically get a certain service? then after I do this service and I will look for other services simply nothing on the list, how can I solve this? help!!!!!! OBS: sorry my English, because I used the google translator because I do not speak English .. the error in this image: http://prntscr.com/5bxae6
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