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  1. How can i change my VTC on my forum profile?

    1. ThiagoBR_


      It is still not possible to change the VTC in the Forum, the nameof your VTC may be wrong. We are fixing this and will soon be100% right

    2. damianea103


      Thanks mate

  2. Amazing work 0_0. Could you make me a signature please? Theme: Porsche/Need For Speed Text: damianea103 (All in lower case please)
  3. Member since the 24th October 2015 Buy on the forum since the 8th November 2015
  4. How did i get the veteran driver rank?

    1. Aestrial


      You've been on the forum for one year. Well done.

  5. yes, but how on a tablet/phone. The clicking on the truck does not work on tablets but the old follow method did (which doesn't work anymore)
  6. I've read some guides and watched a video but they're all outdated. How do you do it now? EDIT: Sorry, forgot to mention i'm on a tablet.
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