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  1. What is the most useless/ugly DLC for you?

    Most of the country paints. Word of advice, do not buy them all separately, wait until there's a sale on steam and purchase a bundle - You're saving yourself a lot of money by doing that.
  2. You know you need better internet when your lag gets you banned :kappa::thisisfine:

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    2. TrademarkGamer


      @iFlufy That's completely irellevant and useless. It's not the person that got banned posting it, it's another member of the community posting. Read the post before you reply.

    3. [VIVA] Kravatie
    4. iFlufy
  3. 36 years - Desire the Right.



  4. Thanks for the follow ;) 

    1. Will [UK]

      Will [UK]

      No worries, pal :D

  5. Other trucks flying past me!

    Presuming that you've got your own truck, you can easily go to a hotel and sleep. This should refresh the economy and thus new jobs will start coming through.
  6. Other trucks flying past me!

    Just to verify, you are you using external contract jobs? If so, you're limited by default to 55mph (90 kmh) and you're unable to change it.
  7. [SCS Blog] A New Community Event in the Making

    Has the landslide been removed?
  8. name change

    Create a support ticket and see if they're able to do anything. It's possible that a supporter will revert the change. @[ETS2MCG] Kien Giang @Soul Knight he understands that, he just wants to know if it's possible for anyone to modify it back without waiting for the two-week period to do it himself.
  9. How long TruckersMP will remain in alpha?

    It's not currently known, but clearly something. I'd imagine that whilst SCS keeps updating the game, it will remain in alpha as these updates add new features but also add more bugs, specifically for the community ran multiplayer mod.
  10. A few questions

    Question 1 That's fine. If you weren't to blame for the crash it's highly likely that the GMs won't ban you. If you are banned, just create an appeal with the evidence clearly linked within it and you'll probably get unbanned if it is found that you didn't cause the crash. Question 2 Yes. If you head to the TruckersMP home page and type it into the search bar by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. Once you've located their profile, the TruckersMP ID will be present within the URL (truckersmp.com/user/[TMP ID]) Let me know if this helped
  11. Neither. I just drive and if there's traffic, I'll wait in it.
  12. I was legitimately asked what a selfie was on my English final... 2018, everyone.

  13. i. hate. hay. fever. :(

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    2. SgtBreadStick


      We. all. hate. you. krav...

    3. KGT I Rootyyy I Driver

      KGT I Rootyyy I Driver

      Sorry to hear about the exam mate. As hay fever goes, I've never had it and glad so as I tend to run a lot more in the summer... :P

    4. KGT  Fabio Jr  Driver
  14. Best of luck on your exams, bud. I’ve got 4 this week and 1 next week :mellow:

    1. Caernage


      Thanks :ph34r:

      Reverse for me. 

      1 this week 

      4 the next week 

      And some others after that