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  1. Just tested the MP with 1.35. Just enjoyed it. Just sending big thanks to all of you involved in the update.
  2. I had the same problem because of a dll file moved into quarantine by my antivirus software (approx. name = core xxxx.dll). Since I have removed it from quarantine, everything works fine
  3. A so good news. Thank you so much for the hard work done.
  4. Great news ! Thank you for this amazing update
  5. B_ L_ _e M_ and you will be H_ PP_

    1. heyhococo


      Be Like Me and you will be HAPPY

  6. Thank you very much for this new release. Always a pleasure for me to download and play a new version of the MP game.
  7. Présentation très soignée, très professionnelle. Bonne chance à votre société
  8. Mòlóxx


    Bonsoir. Êtes vous toujours à la recherche de chauffeurs ? Sur Ets2 MP quelles sont les conditions d'acceptation autres que celles liées à la conduite ? Type et peinture du camion ? Nom du profil Steam ? Quoiqu'il en soit Eurofret me semble être une VTC très sérieuse et axée sur le côté simulation, ce que soit dit en passant j'apprécie. Sur ce, très bonne soirée à tous.
  9. ^ I think in the game the Renault Premium has the same tank size. But anyway, to confirm what you have written, I attach a picture of my last J-Spec truck, a 4x2 Scania 420. With that low HP motor, I have to play more with the gearbox even when climbing small hills, so I feel more as the master of my truck and enjoy more playing the game. The main problem is that other players, driving much faster than me, always overtake me (even in curves), getting me sometimes in serious trouble.
  10. @MaxOMax For the best view from the top of the Eiffel tower you should come in Paris by a cold sunny day when you have a deep blue sky and no fog or pollution. Otherwise the city of Paris is quite well rendered in ETS2,big enough to feel being in a capital city,crowded enough with players (despite chatting french guys as said before) but my main concern is the lack of loads especially to other french cities: for instance there are no loads for Lyon,second city of France whereas in reality there is a lot of traffic between those cities.
  11. I am a supporter of J-Spec trucks so I decided to have mine : Renault Premium 460HP as I often cross the Alps through mountain pass.
  12. Hi everyone. Nice to see so many J-spec trucks (soon for me. I have a Magnum 520 HP so far). But do you also 'drive J-spec' i.e. 90km/h in most of Europe ? Cheers
  13. Thank you for all the great job done !
  14. Great work ! Thank you. However, as you're extending NCZs why not including at least Gas Station and other parking areas ? Those places are often used to stop the truck and the risk of a crash with someone spawning (what I just encountered !!) is high !
  15. Bonjour à tous. C'est agréable d'avoir un forum pour échanger avec ses chers compatriotes Sinon petite question : ne trouvez vous pas que grâce aux actions régulières des admin et la mise en place du serveur freeroam il y a beaucoup moins de trolls et autres rammers sur le serveur EU1 ? En tout cas le multi sur ETS2 c'est fun.Ciao
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