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  1. Just tested the MP with 1.35. Just enjoyed it. Just sending big thanks to all of you involved in the update.
  2. I had the same problem because of a dll file moved into quarantine by my antivirus software (approx. name = core xxxx.dll). Since I have removed it from quarantine, everything works fine
  3. A so good news. Thank you so much for the hard work done.
  4. Mòlóxx

    New Game Mode

    Very good news and probably big challenges in term of coding this mod. Thanks for this new feature which will give more "life" to server EU1 as I think AI traffic must be only added to a server where there are very strict rules. And EU2 is already so crowded. Bye.
  5. Great news ! Thank you for this amazing update
  6. B_ L_ _e M_ and you will be H_ PP_

    1. heyhococo


      Be Like Me and you will be HAPPY

  7. Thank you very much for this new release. Always a pleasure for me to download and play a new version of the MP game.
  8. DLC or not I am really impatient. Hope all the information in that thread is right (thanks anyway for having shared it). Indeed I am French and I can't miss such add-on.
  9. Présentation très soignée, très professionnelle. Bonne chance à votre société
  10. Mòlóxx


    Bonsoir. Êtes vous toujours à la recherche de chauffeurs ? Sur Ets2 MP quelles sont les conditions d'acceptation autres que celles liées à la conduite ? Type et peinture du camion ? Nom du profil Steam ? Quoiqu'il en soit Eurofret me semble être une VTC très sérieuse et axée sur le côté simulation, ce que soit dit en passant j'apprécie. Sur ce, très bonne soirée à tous.
  11. Salut. Personnellement je roule à 90 km/h sur route et autoroute. Donc je me fais très souvent dépasser par d'autres joueurs (grosse concentration de ma part à ce moment là) ce qui est plutôt sympa quand le joueur en question est prudent. Et question lassitude, rien à signaler.
  12. I use to drive between 9pm and 11pm CET and I rarely meet t 'bad' drivers. Sure I always remain much concentrated when being overtaken (I am always driving at 90km/h) especially by solo tractors but since I have been playing that game (last year) players are more respectful and more focused on the simulation aspects of the game. And I would like to thank all people saying 'thank you' or 'apologies' depending on the context which makes that game going in the right direction.
  13. Hi. I will test it tonight. Should help to reach the 300 downloads
  14. Some motorways in North Germany are busy. But if you drive for instance between Paris and Lyon you will be almost alone. Sigh.
  15. From experience, most dangerous convoys are those made of trucks without trailers. Guys are driving mad and reckless and in the last big one I saw (roughly 40 trucks) there were accidents everywhere. Maybe I was unlucky meeting such convoys so challenge me if I am wrong.
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