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    Giving +1

    Some admin move this to solved thanks Mirrland
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    Giving +1

    Hello everyone since the new forum update came out I have different questions and one of those questions in how can you give +1 to another user. I've been trying to find it but I don't see it. Thanks anyway
  3. Hello Truckers, Since a few days ago I have been wondering what does Not Activated mean due to a TruckersMP account. Does it mean that your game is not original? That's what I've been thinking about the meaning of that. Because in my profile says that I have activated my account but in another profiles it says not activated. I hope somebody tell me what is it, thanks. Here you have an example:
  4. Hello @DaKent and welcome to this amazing community, As you already know how to go to events, make friends etc, I will try to answer your last question. If when you go to sleep your game frezees with a black screen, you have to wait around 10-15 minutes and all will be like it was before. I hope this helps you, bye
  5. Hello @ramon.hooyer Friends that just bought the game have the same problem and I think that is because the graphics quality. Could you tell me if you have installed your graphic card drivers, which graphics quality do you use to play and what graphic card do you have? I think that is what I said because I don't have any problem with the rain because I play in ultra graphics, but my friends play at medium so that could be the problem. Bye, happy trucking
  6. Hello @Just_AHD I don't think that TruckersMP will work at Windows XP, as almost all applications are not supported in that OS right now because is very outdated. If you can, I would try to play the game at your Windows 7 system that I think that will work just fine. Hope this helps you, bye
  7. Are you sure that you weren't in queue? Europe 2 is almost always full and you have to wait the queue to join, I think that's the problem
  8. Llevo casi 1000 horas jugadas y no he notado ese tipo de desgaste nunca, lo mismo que si hay lluvia tampoco he notado nada. Lo unico parecido es si vas rapido giras bruso y tiras del freno de mano haces drift durante medio segundo
  9. Yo si quieres puedo hablar con mi empresa por si quieren ir, pero nosotros hablamos inglés no se habria problema.
  10. Una sugerencia sería hacer el convoy en una ciudad en la que no haya prácticamente nadie. Por ejemplo, un buen sitio para empezar podría ser Wien, Brno, Bratislavia, etc. También estaría bien dado que muchos de nuestros compañeros de américa se unirán, intentar ordenar el convoy conforme el ping de cada uno, es algo casi imposible lo sé. Hacer alguna o algunas paradas de 5 minutos en estaciones de gran tamaño en ciudades poco congestionadas también podría ser una gran idea ya que así podría tomar algún refresco y repostar gasoil para continuar el viaje. Evitar EU#2 es una i
  11. Your system is very powerful, more powerful than mine, and I can run every game in ultra grafics so that's not the problem. If you have a lot of stuff on your current operative system I would try to clean it or install a new operative system. Most of the times, low FPS in a good PC means that you have to format the PC. I put an example, I had a laptop and I played League of Legends at 15 FPS. I did format it and I started playing with more than 100 FPS. There you can have an idea of how different it would be.
  12. Akoa

    truckers mp

    Ni el solitario spider te funciona con una MV xD
  13. Is normal if your FPS decrease on high population areas but I think that isn't normal that decrease to 2 FPS. I have a i5 4460, GTX 960 and 12 GB of RAM and I have more or less 50-60 FPS on high population areas so is rare that you with a GTX 960 get lower FPS than me. I would update GPU drivers and also if you operative system is too old, I would format it.
  14. I heard that servers are having problems and that's why people have high ping. In my case I use to have an average of 60-70 ms and now I have 130-140.
  15. Akoa

    fatal error

    when I launch my ets2mp this error appears 3 minutes before start the game, any solution? http://imgur.com/rLPbWkW
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