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  1. Thanks for the follow!

    1. [ J D ] <LØG>Haoer

      [ J D ] <LØG>Haoer

      Ha ha, you're welcome.

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  3. Thanks for the follow :lol::mlg_doge::love:

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      I thank you mate ♥

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      No problem Akoa <3



  5. Thanks for the follow :mlg_doge:


    Thanks for the follow

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      you're welcome :)

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  9. He has priority, you failed to yield, watch the road sign.
  10. Thanks for the follow!

  11. Hey, You do not need to include the pinfo command in the evidence, this is helpful for game moderator but isn't mandatory. The name of the perpetrator has to be vissible, that's all. Have a nice day.
  12. Akoa

    TMP email

    Hey, For those issues I highly recommend making a ticket in the support ticket system: https://truckersmp.com/support They will help you to reset your account.
  13. Akoa

    Login Ingame?

    Hey, Unfournately there's no way to reconnect without restarting the game, you'll have to restart it in order to reconnect.
  14. Que te ocurre con el american?
  15. Buenas, Asegurate que estás usando la cuenta de steam que está enlazada a TruckersMP, aparte, escribe tu email y contraseña en un bloc de notas y copialos al juego. Espero que te sirva, buen dia.
  16. Thanks for the follow!

  17. Hey, There's no date for that, however, notice that 1.32 it's still a beta, the version will have to exit the beta period before it can be implemented for TMP.
  18. Yeah, it's basically a warning, you have not to worry about it, just read the kick reason and try to not do that again.
  19. Hey, The only thing that you can do to reconnect, is restart your game, there's no other way to reconnect at the moment. Have a nice day.
  20. Hola, A la web puede entrar con tu cuenta? Luego aparte, la cuenta de Steam tiene que ser la misma que la que tienes asociada a tu cuenta de TruckersMP.
  21. Hello, To solve that problem please sleep, or teleport to Service station or other garage. In addition, you can try this guide Hope this is what you were looking for.
  22. Hey, No, the time in TruckersMP is the same for everone and won't change even if you sleep, teleport, go to service center, etc. I understand that you may want to drive only in an specified time, but in TruckersMP, that's not possible unless you wait to the desired time. Have a nice day.
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