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  1. Awesome convoy for a great cause. I plan on donating and making an appearance at the convoy.
  2. If they're clearly in a hurry I will slow down, the trucks (being overtaken) can be way closer than they seem (for me at least) and it looks like you have more than enough room so you go back into the lane and cut the truck off completely. So I believe it is 100% necessary and beneficial for both parties if the driver being overtaken slows down. Here is me 100% professionally overtaking some people xdd https://plays.tv/s/MGbVJKLTrrby
  3. Sorry for gravedigging, but the solution for me was to wait. I waited 5 - 10 minutes and was fixed instantly, haven't had the issue since.
  4. Zithy

    Banner Resolution

    Not signature Banner like on the profile page.
  5. Zithy

    Banner Resolution

    Hey, I'm not sure if this is the correct section to put it in but its not a seriously important support thread so didn't wanna waste time when people need a ton more help than this. anyway, if someone could tell me the truckersmp banner resolution. Thanks.
  6. Scanias are the fastest but do you really need a truck that goes faster than 120kmh?
  7. "Bloottyyy hell ya mong" Lee2k16

  8. Listening to TruckersFM, the song is right now, Deborah Harry - I Want That Man.
  9. FCT's First Truckfest tomorrow night! Startin at 8pm GMT on EU1!

  10. There is a program called, "PlaysTV". It automatically starts recording when playing a game. I use this and many other in the Euro truck community do. Hope this helps get rid of trolls
  11. Yeah as they all said, Long distance is best.
  12. Welcome! I am kind've new here aswell, but have a nice time
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