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  1. @bobolab I would try a Steam verify integrity in your case. The launcher's verify seems unnaturelly quick if that is in need what it does.
  2. Oh dear, another thing: how on earth do you navigate to the play button using the keyboard?!?!?! Tab only cycles amongst the logo & the left-hand options. Focus should automatically be on "Play" so you cna just whack Enter. The user should not always have to use the mouse. Make life simpler, not just prettier.
  3. But it's not, it's how an HGV should be driven. As soon a you press the brake it costs money. Basic physics. It's more reality than otherwise.
  4. Yes you were going far too quickly & didn't give enough space to turn.
  5. Firstly congratulations on the new launcher, it seems to cover all bases whilst still being an organised & straightforward interface. I would however like to bring the following to the attention of the developers. After you click play, the game launches & you are taken to the server selection screen. Double=clicking your server then takes you to the SCS-developed launchpad. All well & good & as-designed so far. However, I would like to raise concern as to the fact the mouse cursor is at this point directly & automatically over the "Continue Game" button. It is all too easy to mis- or over-click & launch the currently-selected profile, without giving the user the chance to check the profile in the upper drop-down is the correct one; if a single-player profile was the last one used, the dropdown defaults to this. Accidentally launching a single-player profile will affect current progress within that profile & reset the truck/trailer/job, causing a significant upset to progress continuity. Is there some way this risk can be mitigated in a future update? Thanks for reading. Davina
  6. Solution: don't press the brake. Ever Predict the traffic & use retarder.
  7. Correct! To answer the original question, minter wod will be here at approximately dead-on 7th December at 15:43:59.
  8. @Peeters Pyatrow That's contradictory. To simulate real life the trucks should be limited to 90. So it should be 90. @kayabasi_75it is 90 not 120. Plus imagine the stratospheric fuel usage doing 120.
  9. Complete menace. Like annoying little flies you want to swat. Get rid.
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