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  1. Happy Birthday.  I hope you have a good year!  ❤️

  2. Happy birthday! 

  3. Happy birthday! 🎉

  4. Happy birthday! 🎉

  5. Happy birthday ! :HaulieLove:

  6. i have been playing for quite some time and have only seen a few players desync... and not even that badly... and i mostly play on EU2 makin deliveries between areas where there are alot of trucks... since i record them to see who gets out of line when they think that an admin is not there to stop them... here are a few tips tho, firstly: try to shut down all programs on your computer that you dont need... mostly pay attention to internet hoggers like skype, utorrent and such... (this will make it sure that you wont be causing the same problem to other players) Secondly: Try to keep a fair distance from other truckers when driving faster than 40 or 50 km/h, since this gives you time to slow down or steer clear when they suddenly stop. Thirdly, try not to "kiss their tailpipe" in crowded areas, its not a good idea overall... keep at least a car wide distance from them... ALSO... and i stress this... act like everyone else on the road is an idiot waiting to harm you... only you are the smart one to avoid this... (alot of drivers in real life drive the same way cause you never know who is gonna do something stupid). Have a nice and safe trucking
  7. May i quote you on something?
    Quote:Please send clips not a full video:Unquote
    now may i point out this area of the forum https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/47439-web-reports-faq/

    And i quote (again):10) When submitting a long video as evidence, please consider to either include the time stamp as part of the URL which would take you to the exact moment in the video where the offence was committed, or include the time stamp (minutes and seconds) in the details box when submitting the report. This is so the administrator can quickly review the evidence of that certain user without having to watch other irrelevant parts of the video. If you are unable to submit a time stamp, please try to trim down the long video into a series of shorter videos for each user.

    now you declined my report since it was a full video with provided time where the perpetration took action... yet on that forum subject... its perfectly okay as long as i supply the time with the video... 

    sorry to write this on your timeline but i just cant find any way to contact you privately...

  8. Hello, i have been offline for a while and since i came back to play again, i have noticed its near impossible for me to hook up to a trailer... Worse part is... if i accidentally drop it while attempting to write... its litterally impossible to reattach it... is this some new feature or am i the only one having this problem... and if so... is there some way to fix it i tried to ask it ingame but noone seemed to bother to answer
  9. k. it worked... first if you cant find ets 2 or ats in your task manager... restart your computer... that should shut them down... after that open steam and set it to 1.26 beta not 1.26.x... after that it should run... at least mine now works
  10. not sure... check task manager details tab... i got to the point where it wants ets2 1.26.3 something... i guess its the beta...
  11. i think i found the problem.... for some reaso my ets2 was not fully shut down... i needed to close it via task manager... after that... it seems to run
  12. same problem. latest net framework installed... i think you guys have screwed up a bit here. also tried running as admin...
  13. thank you, those collisions in ncz were a pain clock sync, what does that mean... that the driver will now properly countdown the rest timer and all or something else?
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