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  1. You can now book a slot for your VTC over at https://truckers.fm/convoy/ ! Hope everyone enjoys the event, still more updates to come...
  2. Donate here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/truckersfms-4th-anniversary
  3. Happy Birthday! 

  4. Realistically if TruckersMP want to strive for "simulation" then cars should be limited to the arcade servers only (excluding moderators)
  5. I really like these ideas would be a nice thing to add
  6. I look forward to the spain area this would be a very large DLC though and would take some time
  7. As soon as you have enough money for a truck, I would hire a driver to drive it then continue doing quick jobs, This way you earn a little quicker, once you can afford a 2nd truck use that one for yourself, then keep hiring drivers and buy trucks eventually the money flow will increase a lot
  8. On my main truck I currently have just over 16000, bought this one recently, I change my trucks too often
  9. Oooo, nice guide, I think what people have the most issue is the flipped reversing (because of the trailer) once you master that you can do annnnnnnything
  10. Tried this road out, really fun, gotta keep it slow otherwise you'll most likely flip
  11. I like to test out potential convoy routes with friends, as well as attend the convoys
  12. I will only run a red light if the city is dead and I can see nobody around me, otherwise I will stop
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