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  1. Realistically if TruckersMP want to strive for "simulation" then cars should be limited to the arcade servers only (excluding moderators)
  2. TruckersFM July Convoy SEVEN MONTHS INTO 2019 wow. Join the TruckersFM team whilst we travel from Italy to Austria. We will be travelling from the Turin (Torino) to Klagenfurt Am Wörthersee We will be having a small truckfest before starting, if you would like to book a lot for your VTC click the text below. TruckersFM Convoy Truckfest Booking Form All the up to date information will be over on our site https://truckers.fm/convoy/ Date: 19th July 2019 Time: 19:30 BST Departing at: 20:00 BST Meet-up: Turin (Torino) Destination: Klagenfurt Am Wörthersee Server: Event Server Follow us on Twitter for event updates: https://twitter.com/TFMStreetTeam Join the TruckersFM discord: https://discord.gg/truckersfm Route Map: https://i.imgur.com/aSPyIKq.png
  3. Nathan564

    Possible new ets2 features

    I really like these ideas would be a nice thing to add
  4. Nathan564

    New Map DLCs?

    I look forward to the spain area this would be a very large DLC though and would take some time
  5. Nathan564

    What do you use to record gameplay?

    I use streamlabs OBS
  6. Nathan564

    What is the best way to make the most money

    As soon as you have enough money for a truck, I would hire a driver to drive it then continue doing quick jobs, This way you earn a little quicker, once you can afford a 2nd truck use that one for yourself, then keep hiring drivers and buy trucks eventually the money flow will increase a lot
  7. Nathan564

    How many miles do you have on your truck?

    On my main truck I currently have just over 16000, bought this one recently, I change my trucks too often
  8. Nathan564

    Parking Trailers

    Oooo, nice guide, I think what people have the most issue is the flipped reversing (because of the trailer) once you master that you can do annnnnnnything
  9. Nathan564

    Is this road the toughest road in ETS2?

    Tried this road out, really fun, gotta keep it slow otherwise you'll most likely flip
  10. Nathan564

    Most fun thing to do

    I like to test out potential convoy routes with friends, as well as attend the convoys
  11. Nathan564

    Why are there few people on the mountain road?

    There is a mountain road? Where?
  12. Nathan564

    Running red lights

    I will only run a red light if the city is dead and I can see nobody around me, otherwise I will stop
  13. Nathan564

    ETS2 1.32 beta release? Ideas for the future of the trailers?

    Well now that ownable trailers are gonna be a thing, it would be nice and I am assuming they will add DLC trailers like the Schwarzmuller trailers, this is indicated by the "standard trailers" in the trailer dealership in ETS2 1.32 fingers crossed
  14. Nathan564

    How do you Look around and use Mirrors?

    I have one of the side mirrors on and to look left or right I use the round scrolly wheel on the Logitech G29
  15. I don't really see the point in people advertising that they are recording, surely it would be better to not say that and then just submit the recording, rather than the behaviour of the driver temporarily changing whilst near that person