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  1. Hi Linciano Thanks for the help - yes i have been doing 'Quick Jobs' and i do notice the fluctuating remaining time's - I will go to SP and Buy a Truck. Hi Dancool Yes Linciano provided fantastic information and advice.
  2. Hi I just logged in today and started a job but once i entered the world before a even started engine the remaining time went to 0 i had to pay 1200 to end the job. -Could it be the Expiry time before i accepted the job was down to a few minutes and caused this to happen?
  3. Hi When starting my first account with TMP in my archives i see 2015 i ask same questions and realized now when registering i was linked me to my old Steam account password but lucky i had the old password - My help question Is that i noticed it says "Veteran III" Could this status be reset to New player please? Thank you so much.
  4. I relogged in and saw a message at the bottom left corner in loading screen saying "I am using an invalid client" ?
  5. Hi Could anyone help me- The ingame clock does not change it is frozen as with the world, and when i finished my first job the green box for the drop off would not identify the small caravan i was delivering. I think i am not online but unsure Any suggests? Thanks (Fixed- I put the Launcher in the wrong folder) The time and chat are working.
  6. Hi everyone (first i am sorry if i'm posting in the wrong forum) *This is my first day here at ATS TMP and i am really excited and nervous But before i go and start my journey Can i ask - Would it be ok Can i Add a 352 Peterbilt truck Mod? - I have tested this Truck Mod in SP with a long trailer on a Delivery and in general free roam with lots of AI traffic for approximately 2 hours with no problems at all. I really like this old vintage Peterbilt truck and i hope it is ok to add to TruckersMP. Please let me know Thanks.
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