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  1. Everyone answering this thread is really stuck to the rules. Just get a try and go on the highway near Stockholm, you enter the city while on the highway then quit the city when being still in the "city" and then back to into the city. The speed limits zones are just not working well and nobody cares
  2. If you really wait that someone let you pass you can stand at the exit for more than 15 mins Allowing doubles was a nice idea but now there is so much trafic that we can't even drive them properly at Duisburg repair
  3. Hi, The answer seems to be given. Thanks for replying Have a nice day.
  4. Hi guys, Does someone know where I can find an HCT livestock trailer ? Have a great day
  5. Hello, I wanna know if this type of trailer is following the rules, it doesn't have glitched hitboxes and doesn't conflict when being rammed by someone. This is just an old mod that "bugged" in the game so the mixer disapeared, only that. Thanks for your answer
  6. Ticket to support created on January 02, no answer now thx for the help

    1. Reaper9518


      Wait for the answer friend, maybe they are still on vacation.

  7. Just stop always thinking of good drivers that want to play RP. Old EU 1 was good for them and EU 2 was good too Changes have no reason, maybe to remove trolls and by the same way remove players that speed but don't troll or don't drive in crowded zones
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