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  1. Hello, check this guide and follow the steps. https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/26 Kind regards, mexiumut
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      You are welcome 🤗

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  4. mexiumut

    Low fps

    Hello, sudden FPS drops can be experienced in crowded areas or city entrances. Because, the amount of players really puts a lot of strain on peoples CPU and GPU to process and render the trucks and models. As far i know this status happening even in very good systems. So avoiding frame drops even with a good computer is really unavoidable or will be extremely hard to do, it happens to everyone. However there are certain things you can do to boost FPS, below you can use of the tips. To avoiding fps drops, you have to change a few Settings in TruckersMP Tab and Options settings. Firstly try set the draw distance from the tmp ingame tab settings. 1-)Press your Tab button. 2-)Click on the settings icon in the bottom left corner. 3-)Find the Graphic section, set the draw distance setting here to medium, low or very low. (low as advice) 4-)After you did that just click on Apply and OK. For the set in game Options settings. Before clicking the "DRIVE" button, find the "Options" button. Go to the "Graphics" section. Find the "Grass density". Then, adjust its option from "Low" or "Disabled". Also, try to set Scales 100% or 150% and - Disable MLAA - Disable DOF - Disable Anisotropic Filtering by moving the Slider to the left Side. Check this topic for more Kind regards, mexiumut
  5. 4,000 hours on recordsb68g1r5.gif


  6. Hello, this is normal if you are driving in high populated areas. I recommend that you set the "draw distance" setting in the game tab settings to very low or low. Kind regards, mexiumut
  7. Hello, find the TMP server ports that is required for more better stable, follow the topic below. If the above topic cannot resolve this problem, try connecting to the server using a vpn. 1-)Download Windscribe. 2-)Run Windscribe. 3-)Open TruckersMP in Administrator Mode. 4-)Connect to Simulator 1 server. 5-)After the connecting you can exit Windscribe. Kind regards, mexiumut
  8. Hello, try to re-install the TruckersMP Launcher from the website and check it again logs folder. Also im not sure but check that the "Development logging" in the tab settings is basic or advanced. https://truckersmp.com/download Kind regards, mexiumut
  9. Belgeler > Euro Truck Simulator 2 > game.log.txt dosyasının içindeki yazıları pastebin.com veya rentry.co sitesine yapıştırıp url adresini burada paylaşın. Oyunu başlatırken Euro Truck Simulator 2 logosunu gördükten sonra mı çöküyor?
  10. You can use it until the fuel tank is lower. If you edit the file after a quick save you have to decrypted this file again. So go save back into game, save the game again. Open the dragging and dropping your game.sii onto the sii_decrypter.exe (example as below photo) Kind regards, mexiumut
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