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  1. Happy Birthday once again bud! Hope you have a good day :P

  2. Happy bday mate! have a goodun. 

  3. ATS updated you will need to wait till the devs update/fix mp
  4. To the people that spawn in the middle of a highway. i will find you and i will steal your tires.. lol

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    2. xXBlazieXx
    3. ffwjag


      yay free wrench

    4. FirestarteR93


      ^so that's why you can't drive - your tires stay away from you?

  5. Perfect mod concept for dealing with blockers: http://youtu.be/3Be0wRWHJTA

  6. ffwjag

    Snow mod problem?

    You have to untick "seasonal effects" in the multiplayer mod's settings .
  7. Happy new year all from the uk! :).



      Happy new year! Best wishes from Republic of Turkiye!

    2. killahakan36


      Happy new year to you too :D

    3. killahakan36


      Saraj Turkiye değil Turkey abi :D:D

  8. Finished first day of new job :3. Feet/legs are killing me lol

    1. stilldre1976


      Haha dont worry bud it gets easier and wait til you get your first pay packet :)

    2. ffwjag
  9. This was really odd, it was almost like the wheels of the truck were clipping in to the ground a little bit randomly, because when i tried to move the wheels just span on the ground. Steering wheel was making some very unhappy noises lol
  10. The only people you should listen to is the admins with the red text above there trucks, anyone else attempting to impersonate that should be reported because they cause more problems then good
  11. there is no limiter on EU2 if you still can't go over 90km on that server them you need to turn it off im your ingame settings, hope this helps!
  12. hello all. my name is frankie i live in the uk, i'm a moderator on ets2mp cctv. i hope thats enough info lol
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