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    I'm very interested in airplanes are my favorites in all :D and I would like to be a pilot some day
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  1. Feliz Cumpleaños pollito :lol:

  2. [L-LATAM](07)Steveen007


    Puedes cambiar lo que es pintura del trailer y modificar cargar que no sobresalgan el ancho o el largo del trailer
  3. [L-LATAM](07)Steveen007

    Ayuda con inicio de sesion

    Capaz tiene algun Error con alguna mayuscula en tu contraseña proba en restablecer tambien puede ser algun error con tu cuenta o contactarte con el soporte de TruckersMp
  4. [L-LATAM](07)Steveen007

    Como hacer el mismo trabajo?

    Lo puedes hacer sincronizando los viajes con el Virtual Speditor https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=199114
  5. [L-LATAM](07)Steveen007

    Camion en vez de girar va recto

    Es porque talvez tienes mal configurado en volante o se bugea la direccion la solucion es reiniciar el juego Y el problema solo pasa en este juego ? o en todos
  6. Congratulations   d: )

  7. Scania of 2 flats in London


  8. [L-LATAM](07)Steveen007

    How To Download & Install ETS 2 MP & ATS MP

    What you should do is contact support for help how to do it
  9. [L-LATAM](07)Steveen007

    How to get Started in Multiplayer with Mods & Tips!!

    What can be done is to install a mod of XP and money in the single for those who don't like to play legally
  10. [L-LATAM](07)Steveen007

    Coloured License Plates

    Custom fees would be a good choice for the truckloads of Ets2 and ATS was good to put him the practice
  11. [L-LATAM](07)Steveen007

    Recording Software's

    To record and make the broadcasts of the game use the OBS and is a good program I recommend
  12. Good guide of this i can go to the people who are having problems with the game
  13. Good guide of this i can go to the people who are having problems with the game
  14. [L-LATAM](07)Steveen007

    A Guide to Getting Recruited to Join the Team!

    It is a good guide for people who enter it so the people will be glad to help you with what would be respect and solidarity for people who are new to the game