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  1. Тобі треба грати F1 , там в тебе проблем не буде.
  2. Why is there no bus stop in Duisburg???
  3. Good work, thank you. When will be bus iveko???
  4. I would like to know if the IVECO bus will be added to the multiplayer ???
  5. ZAVGAR [UA]


    I agree. winter time will always be night. And I don't dislike playing in the dark.
  6. ZAVGAR [UA]


    The map is useless here. It's just realistic that if it's 7:00 a.m., then it's 7:00 a.m. in the game on the server. If it is 19.00 in the evening, then in the game at 19.00.
  7. ZAVGAR [UA]


    Have you considered a real time option in the game. Is this possible? your opinion.
  8. Все чудово, автобус як ракета. Тільки як налаштувати розклад автобуса по маршруту, щоб співпадав з годиником. Е ігровий час, е в мр час, а з графіком не співпадае. Завжди запізнення. Everything is great, the bus is like a rocket. Just how to adjust the bus schedule along the route to coincide with the clock. It's game time, it's time in the game, but it doesn't match the schedule. Always late.
  9. Euro Truck Simulator 2 как включить "Часы на мобильном телефоне в Renault Т.
  10. Is the administration of the MP able in the future to conduct a convoy with oversized (cargo) that is not supported in the MP? It is desirable that you work on it.
  11. ZAVGAR [UA]


    Не могли б ви встановити системний годинник біля радіо? Було б зручніше контролювати свій час.
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