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  1. A good day. ETS 2 game version 1.48.5, DLS Balkans, no cargo foreign transport market from worldoftrucks, what's the problem.??? The transport market and the freight market are working. thanks for the answer.
  2. Hello, how are u bro 

  3. Why is there no bus stop in Duisburg???
  4. Good work, thank you. When will be bus iveko???
  5. Euro Truck Simulator 2 как включить "Часы на мобильном телефоне в Renault Т.
  6. Is the administration of the MP able in the future to conduct a convoy with oversized (cargo) that is not supported in the MP? It is desirable that you work on it.
  7. Не могли б ви встановити системний годинник біля радіо? Було б зручніше контролювати свій час.
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