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  1. The main problem is certainly the reckless drivers there. However, one can not look for the blame alone at this point. The routing and construction of the road, the many, poorly secured intersections and driveways, as well as the two border crossings also play an important role. It would have to make massive renovations to make this road safer: - Expansion to four lanes or at least a widening of the two existing lanes and construction of overtaking points. - Installation of a continuous roadway divider. - Remove unnecessary obstacles, such as the railroad crossing or the narrow bridge. - Straightening the track, for example, the many S-curves on hills. - Replacement of the simple motorway ramps by motorway junctions or retrofitting of traffic lights. I hope that some of these points will be realized with the redesign of the standard map. Until then, one can only hope that one has a quiet ride on this road, or just drive around completely.
  2. Most Player on TAB?!

    My All-Time-Peak was about 260 players back when Rotterdam-Europoort was busy...
  3. There are WAY to many Paintjobs...
  4. New Game Mode

    Looks great. I'm curious what's to come...
  5. Most accident causers on C-D are the scouts?!

    It is not only the cars, but mainly the Drivers behind the Wheel, and some of whom have the Burning Desire to go at 150 kph at al costs... A Crash is just Collateral Damage -.-
  6. Happy Birthday. Thank you for this Masterpiece.

  7. Screenshots!

  8. The old Scania has in my Opinion a little bit more Torque than the new one. And you do not have the legendary V8-Sound on the New Truck...
  9. I would like to see Northern Norway/Sweden, Iceland, Faroe Islands, etc...
  10. Maybe Older Version of Common Vehicles like This:
  11. Which DLC do you recommend?

    Lets just be Honest: Apart from certain Paintjobs, every DLC has its "plus-points" But the best DLCs are the Maps like Italia, France and Scandinavia...