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  1. ualdriver

    Ban History

    A few days ago I got banned for 3 months for violating the rules 5 times, but I didn't recall being banned so many times. So I went to my ban history on my profile and I found numerous bans I can't recall recieving, and that don't have any evidence or video attached to them. In order to clear this up, do I make an appeal to my current ban (Which was earned, I did overtake on the CD road), email truckersmp, or use another form of contact
  2. ualdriver

    ETS2 Heavy Cargo Pack DLC Status

    I can only imagine a guy in a 310 HP iveco trying to carry a train
  3. ualdriver

    Game randomly crashes every 5 minutes

    The first thing it says is to run that command as an adminstrator. I don't know what it means by that
  4. ualdriver

    Fatal error or Crashing each 5-10 minutes

    What do you mean run the command line as an adminstrator. Where do i get that
  5. I have no mods, I use the current version. And my game randomly crashes. My PC shows no sign of slowing down / lagging when it happens, I'll just be driving and it'll crash. It happens about every 5 minutes
  6. ualdriver

    What kind of nickname can not be done?

    When I'm doing a convoy, is something like [CONVOY LEADER] allowed
  7. ualdriver

    Convoy problems

    I'm trying to host a convoy via ETS2C.com. When I create one it says i'm good but my convoy doesn't show on the ETS2C list
  8. ualdriver

    Game constantly crashes in Rotterdam

    I just got a new graphics card. I'm using a custom built gaming PC. I've been to Rotterdam during Peak hours countless times before. Also it stopped now I have no idea why, but it's gone, so it's working now
  9. Hi, when i load up my game in Rotterdam (Non-collisions area, don't worry) player's trucks and stuff loads in. i can see the blue dots move on my map. When i look outside my truck or even my truck's windows I will crash Please help me because I'm essentially stuck with no way out Also Server 2 has 2510/2500 people on it, and I'm playing on it
  10. ualdriver

    Unable to go past 55 mph

    I'm on Europe #2. This server has NO speed limit. I was able to go past 55 mph earlier. The only thing I did was enable the Winter mod. Does the winter mod do this?
  11. ualdriver

    No jobs avalible

    No, I'll go on youtube and see how to do it
  12. ualdriver

    There's no jobs avalible, help me!

    When I go into my account, there's no jobs avalible WHATSOEVER. I can't do anything and I really, really need help
  13. ualdriver

    No jobs avalible

    I've visited 2 cities so far, Pozman and Berlin, but neither of them have jobs avalible! How long does it take for there to be more jobs avalible?
  14. ualdriver

    No AI cars

    Is there a mod that can add them?
  15. ualdriver

    No AI cars

    Bassically, when I go into a game, there's only trucks driven by players. I want to see the cars and AI vehicals too so the freeway isn't empty! Is there a option or button to turn on cars?