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  1. ^ I said above that it worked for him all of a sudden. But thanks so much for posting all these info. I really appreciate it
  2. Like I said my friend already uninstalled multiple times both the mod and the game itself and he was running latest versions. Anyway it seems all of a sudden today it worked for him. I can't understand what's going on, but it's definitely something related to the mod or the main Multiplayer page/server. Now it works let' hope it stays like this.
  3. So my friend has this problem the past few days. While he was able to play American Truck Simulator Multiplayer all of a sudden he started getting that message: "Cannot validate game version would you like to try again?". He tried everything.. Deleting the game and installing it again. Updating to the latest Steam version. Completely uninstalling the multiplayer mod and installing it again through TruckrsMP. And every time he tries to launch the multiplayer mod he just gets this message. Please any help? Any guidance?
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