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  1. Hello, Is it possible to recover the evidence used in a 5 months old report? The link in the report is dead now.
  2. Hello, is this tool still supposed to work with ets2mp? I have done every single procedure as said in the guides, and yet mine still sits on "waiting". It barely works when i play offline, detects but leds fail to light up for the assigned options (lights, high beam).
  3. I know, but i tested it in sweden like 2 weeks ago and it was working fine, no kicks, so i went ahead with it. It would be nice if they could add a exception for 1 dolly, maybe as long as the user don't cause trouble on the roads.
  4. I have spent hours modifying this beauty to drive it on remote areas. Today i came back to the game and found out it gets me a auto kick now due to "trailer limit". That sucks. Also there is something wrong with the strobe lights, they are much more reflective than before, like brightening half of the road behind and probably blinding any player.
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