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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. I remember from start and never forget it, that time was a game change in ETS2 community and so much dsync you could not be behind a player then you got from a normal nose too flat nose or just give your trucks wings. ? But so much players I have been playing with some still playing it some not, We all have made a great or bad history in TruckersMP community. Thanks and I hope some day AI-traffic joins tmp soon so it can create more history. #TMP8
  4. This is great for syncing jobs in TMP easily and quickly without having to load the save files every time you select jobs with, for example, trucky. However, there are 2-3 things that are missing. Search bar. (faster to find than scrolling through the entire list.) See how long the job is. Add: (km / miles). example 2400 km. Then a box to click it for unexplored cities. (If it is possible, of course, it can be more tricky, maybe.)
  5. ets2mp it was a looong time ago.


    Screenshot was taken in 26 jun, 2014 @ 14:54 PM


  6. Hello! Clock Timer does not work in the mobile in the new Renault truck in TruckersMP. Tested if it was a bug and removed the phone and mounted it again. But did not work.
  7. Two who have the knowledge and skills of coding. It is strong of them to try to keep TMP updated willingly and spend that time for us. Not always easy to try to speed up. Without them, we would have played on an old update or no TMP at all. We should be grateful to be able to play on TMP even on older versions. Remember that!
  8. Hello!

    Why do you want to drive fast and pass someone else wrong? Imagine if people could drive as realistically and hardcore as possible and keep the speed. I always do it, so much more fun you have time to see much more around the road and explore.


    // Have good day

  9. Hello Truckers!
    Wonder if TMP has had trouble updating to the latest version 1.37 of ETS2 and ATS?


    Especially ATS, they have taken a long time now, which is not usually the case. Wonder if they can be problems with the new sound fmod to sync between players or something?


    Or on the other hand, maybe they depend on the covid-19 that is now. Sure I know in late 2014 TMP started so many went to school and had this as a hobby and take it when time is available.


    I get a little worried if they have any problem updating to version 1.37


    Have a good time


  10. Some are disappointed with the latest change on truckersmp.


    Examples include having the cars on Simulation 1 and 2 servers. Think truckersmp could shut down the cars completely on Simulation 1 and 2 and have the cars only on the Arcade servers instead.


    Most of it is that you get tired of trolls that destroy. And they did not have as much as you did before on truckersmp.


    In some ways, they are a good update, but keeping people who destroy for others becomes very tiring.

  11. Would not it be nice if truckersMP had real time on all servers?

  12. 3 double trailers I already saw people using this trailers not for me did not appear any of this
  13. Hmm 3 double trailers on the ATS server. How to fix it?

  14. I can drive without headlights. if i drive with beacons on, no kick info shows up! pls fix
  15. Best ever Added checking if player has enabled headlights while driving (auto kick after 10 seconds). Thanks and good work!
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