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  1. same problem here : I'm in france and I have alway's hight ping : in eu1 and eu2 : it's very difficult to connect and when i'm connected : I have very higt ping : more 1500 ms in US1 it's to easy to connect : but also hight ping : 150 to 200 ms. where is Ip server to tested ping without game?
  2. Here also : is very hard to connect serveur EU1 and EU2 : there are very bad ping witch this 2 server I think this is for it's very hard to connected and there are more crash game : last time i have loged 6 time in serveur EU2 : five first time game it's very long to connected : and when i'm connected game crashed. The 6 time : it's long to connected sever but when i'm connecte i have bad ping : 1200 ms and it crashed more time after. 4 time i reloged and it not connected... On serveur US1 it's easy to connect, I have more good ping but is also long : 150 to 200 ms. and it arrive to crashed also since 10-20 minutes
  3. For me too : last 2 ours : impossible to conenct server Eu1 an Eu2. and at this time impossible to connect all serveur : error : unable to connect API serveur...
  4. Hi, You have 7zip : is free and open source http://www.7-zip.org/download.html It's aiwable all Opérating system : Windows, MacOs, Linux(Ubundu Fédora, Débian...);FreeBSD, Solaris....
  5. HI, 1) In POL create a new drive witch the latest Wine 32 Bits version. 2) install steam in this drive and create a shortcuts 3) launch winconfig on this drive : you have to inactive : "dwrite" and "gameaverlayrenderer" dll and use native "dx9_43" dll activate : emulate a virtual Desktop 4)lanch steam and install Eurotruc simulator 2 and veriffy game work's correctlly in single player. 5) download ETS2MP and install it in the same drive to you're steam. 6)quit steam. relaunch steam and launch ETS2MP witch the shortcuts on your're steam-wine Desktop
  6. Hi, sometimes : i have normal job offert, other times : i have no job offert in my job offert box : I have only fret offert in company box : offer that expires in : 71 582 685 hours
  7. SOLVED : It's one prob witch my d3dx9_43.dll it's work very good : how do you have to configure you're wine dll : - Unactive "dwrite" for steam lauch corretlly on wine - unactive "gameoverlayrenderer" for problem crash keyboard - ue "d3dx9_43" nativ windows forsolve no font : on log-in EST2Mp good game all EDIT : my wine on my Archlinux x64
  8. dejavu and liberation are already installed in my system. I just install cantarell-fonts and ttf-droid : it's not work's. i tested to install ttf-google-fonts-git from Aur EDIT : it's not work's : always no font in loged windows. i think's is a font on wine lost or lost other in my wine. Edit2 : error in my terminal : fixme:d3dx:ID3DXFontImpl_DrawTextW iface 0x46ee3d0, sprite (nil), string L"EU #1", count -1, rect (1645,992)-(0,0), format 0x120, color 0xffe5e5e5 stub!
  9. I have a problem with font : what font have you installed? in your sytem and wineprefix?
  10. Hi, I have install and lauch ETS2mp with my wine. 1) i have installed steam in my Wine witch winetrick : https://appdb.winehq....php?appId=1163 2) I have launch steam command for me : env WINEPREFIX="/home/sylvain-sa/.local/share/wineprefixes/steam" wine C:\\windows\\command\\start.exe /Unix /home/sylvain-sa/.local/share/wineprefixes/steam/dosdevices/c:/users/Public/Bureau/Steam.lnk I have install truck simulator in this "wine-steam". 3) eurotruck launch and work corectlly I have installed ETS2mp in this wine prefix commande (for me) : env WINEPREFIX="/home/sylvain-sa/.local/share/wineprefixes/steam" wine /media/L2/Program-Wine/EurotruckMp/Install\ ETS2MP.exe it installe correctlly. 4) I launch It : command ( for me) : env WINEPREFIX="/home/sylvain-sa/.local/share/wineprefixes/steam" wine C:\\windows\\command\\start.exe /Unix /home/sylvain-sa/.local/share/wineprefixes/steam/dosdevices/c:/users/Public/Bureau/Play\ Euro\ Truck\ Simulator\ 2\ Multiplayer.lnk it lauch but i think i have a problem with fonts lost : i not see text :
  11. Hi, i'm on Linux (ArchLinux) I have steam ans eurotruck simulator in steam (1.14-2) : it work's very good. It's a good game. I tested to downolad lastest realease ETS2 PM 0.1.1 but when i launch "Intall ETS2MP.exe" on "Wine" when i selected folder steam to my truck simutor : it tell me "invalid patch"... How install ETS2 Mp on Linux?? Thank's
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