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  1. I'd love to see an idea for a Tachograph implemented into the game, but I'm not sure how it'd work. As we all know, ETS2/ATS are games, and to restrict driving time would most likely result in players getting bored of the game. I'm interested in seeing if something like this could be implemented though!
  2. Hey there! The current load on the website reporting system is at VERY HIGH which means there will be quite a bit of time before the report is dealt with. All reports will be reviewed, it's just a case of being patient whilst it's under review. There are no set timeframes for reports to be reviewed.
  3. This looks like it's going to be a fantastic addition, very excited to see what else can be developed from this as a starting point!
  4. Hey! I use my StreamDeck all the time when playing TMP. It's not the greatest in terms of looks, but suits me perfectly, I'll run you through it below! Page #1: Lights, Beacons, Horns, In-Game Map, Trailer Attach / Detach, Differential Lock, Wipers, Trucky Folder, Cruise Control Set & Resume, Menu and Keyboard Enter Function (saves me having to reach over for my keyboard xD). Image: Page #2: Left & Right Windows (Up & Down), Truck & Trailer Axle Lift / Lower, Folder for all Functions Keys & VTC Discord VC's, Garage Manager, Camera Positions, Photomode Folder and Front & Rear Suspension Lift / Lower. Images: | > Function Buttons Folder >| Trucky Folder: Radio Controls (Sound & Channel), Traffic Reports and General Hotkeys (Replay, Dispatcher & Screenshots). Image: Hopefully there are a lot more of us that use a StreamDeck and I can take some inspiration from others to improve mine!
  5. Hey, You are able to use your singleplayer profile for TruckersMP if you wish to. My personal recommendation would be to create 3 separate profiles, 1 for TruckersMP, 1 for singleplayer and 1 for Promods (if you use it).
  6. Hey, When installing mods through Trucky they automatically go into your Documents > Euro Truck Simulator 2 > mod folder, have you looked here and deleted the relevant mod? If you are still experiencing issues, I'd recommend speaking to Trucky Service Team via their Discord or Website as they are not directly affiliated with TruckersMP. Hope this helps!
  7. It seems the majority opinion so far is to sit behind someone rather than overtaking, so here I am announcing being the "overtaker"! My VTC is highly competitive with miles and fighting for #1 on the monthly leaderboards is a challenge so I will always await a safe location to overtake anyone driving slower than 61mph.
  8. Hello, For promods to work in TMP you must have a minimum of 11 files that read the same as the screenshot below. All base files need to be in version 2.65. https://i.imgur.com/f9rK58X.png
  9. Issue has now been resolved by uninstalling TMP and deleting my entire TruckersMP directory in %appdata% before redownloading.
  10. Evening, With the recent update today, I am now experiencing issues with joining TMP. Upon pressing drive in-game I am greeted with a message of "Connection refused. You are using an invalid client. You should redownload the mod through the launcher." Please see information below for the steps I have taken so far. Steps I have taken so far: Uninstalled TMP and reinstalled. Verified my integrity of game files via steam. Launched TMP using Administrator. Clicked "installation up-to-date" on the TMP launcher to redownload. Screenshots of various things that may assist you with providing me some help: https://imgur.com/a/qE9lxA5 Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  11. I understand what your suggestion is, however I feel it'd be pointless for the change to be made. With the current way it's setup, if you see it pointless to stop at then ensure it's safe and pass through. As the others have said, it'd be a long manual process that wouldn't have much benefit to it.
  12. Hi there, I believe this could cause an issue with Promods as there may be roads accessible on that map whereas on the base map it will be blocked off. Even if the above isn't an issue, personally I'd still prefer them to be in-game as it's realistic for them to be there.
  13. Looks like this will be a nice re-work, very interested to see it in-game and have a look around!
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