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  1. https://gyazo.com/94ebf27abbb584ff06f6ed4957d7238d
  2. For the record, the post is being slightly edited due to a few missing names and facts from the interview. We have spoken to the writer and kindly asked him to include some different, specific information which was mentioned in the interview.
  3. I'm wishing that everyone could be as humble about the situation as you Alex. I feel that there has been no real hostility between the two communities in recent months and I hope that it can remain that way.
  4. It Isn't me you should be congratulating... I'm just one gear in a massive engine!
  5. So there isn't much to say here really that isn't said on the webpage. I personally and I know Mini too (despite being spelled wrong on the page) are massively proud to have been recognized and approached by one of the biggest, if not the biggest gaming news company to do an interview. I'm massively proud of the team that I work with and have worked with over the last 20 or so months to create something which is recognized to such an extent. This has been kept a secret from our own drivers and staff up until now as we wanted it to be a surprise for them and we cannot show our gratitude to all the hard work from them in the past and indeed the present enough. We would also like to thank James Davenport from PC Gamer for taking the time to have a decent conversation with us about the topics in the interview and being so genuinely interested in what it is we have done and continue to do to this day. From a Very Proud TSR/TSRVTC Staff Team. http://www.pcgamer.com/the-charming-world-of-euro-truck-simulators-amateur-djs-and-100-driver-convoys/
  6. Hi DRB, TruckSim Radio VTC most certainly fit your requirements, We only require our drivers to come into our TeamSpeak for a one off driving test then after that it's completely up to you, in fact only around 50-100 of our near 700 drivers come into our TeamSpeak actively. As for the age range the VTC is home to people ageing between 14 and mid 50s, the TSR community is packed with people of a more mature age and all of the VTC staff aside from myself are at least 20 years of age. I hope this has broadened your options, Crumbs.
  7. I fell down the stairs once and saw things better than this.
  8. Hi there LondonLad, As it stands we have already received questions regarding the situation and will probably continue to do so over the near future. We hope that this post can remain solely for the community to continue contacting us regarding the situation and I have spoken to Mark regarding the more private side of things moments ago. If a moderator would like to remove any comments here regarding any confrontation between the two communities and my replies to those comments then please feel free to do so leaving this topic solely for the reasons mentioned previously. Regards, TruckSim Radio Admin Team.
  9. Hi there LondonLad, The only objective of this post is to inform members of the community of the situation as quickly as possible and to answer any questions they may have about it. We hope that this topic can remain open for the time being so that any questions can be answered and that it can be free of any TSR/TFM conflict as it is solely here for the benefit of the community. @denn1s We have replied to your comment left on our facebook page regarding why our post was published before you were contacted. Regards, TruckSim Radio Admin Team.
  10. Hi Tak, We'd rather the thread remained open so that we can answer any questions that anyone may have regarding the situation. Regards, TruckSim Radio Admin Team.
  11. Hi Kieran, We're aware that there is nothing that the Multiplayer team can do about the situation and we're only using this forum as an effective way of contacting people who may be mislead by this. Thank you for you support none the less! Regards, TruckSim Radio Admin Team.
  12. Hello there truckers! The guys here at TruckSim Radio have stumbled upon a website built by <Removed> and <Removed> of Mastchio which is falsely using our name to redirect people to TruckersFM... We are aware that this is happening and are trying to resolve the situation, it's a shame that people are trying to piggyback off of our success in an attempt to achieve their own... For now please be sure to use the correct TSR link:http://trucksimradio.com/#/home rather than the fake link: http://trucksim-radio.com/ which will redirect you to the incorrect station... We hope to get this resolved as soon as possible and we thank you for your continued support. Regards, TruckSim Radio Admin Team.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3puX2o0ABgA&feature=youtu.be

    This is why we can't have nice things.

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    2. TrademarkGamer


      Brings a new meaning to leaving someone hanging xD

    3. [WTLVTC - Founder] Crumbs

      [WTLVTC - Founder] Crumbs

      The report got denied too... Apparently it was the lag that caused him to vear into the third lane when there was nothing in front of him...

    4. jukeboxknox


      Thats not right, he swerved he had no reason to change lanes, except to block you


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