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  1. I believe this post was created before such templates existed. I'm unsure why everyone decided to revive this age old thread, but considering the developers never commented on it it's safe to say this suggestion won't happen soon, if at all. This thread could probably be closed.
  2. The suggestion is in bold (and covered in the third paragraph) , additionally I have included the required details you have listed. I have extensively covered why i have suggested it. I do not believe pictures would be applicable to this. Then you have misunderstood *what* i have suggested. I have read those threads in question and they are not related. Currently there have been no suggestions regarding the operational implementation of cars. I do see some fine points about the variety of available vehicles.
  3. Ah, cars. A highly controversial topic among the community it seems. I'm unsure where to even begin tackling that issue, but i'll start with player behaviour regarding cars. I have been extensively researching this topic on the forums, as well as sorting through my own experiences in game with cars. There are more than a few suggestions, reports and topics regarding them, so i'll try and wrap a universal discussion about it in this topic, as it seems many if any of the issues regarding them have been resolved due to the fragmented nature of the reports. But, on to behav
  4. Strictly speaking as a programmer myself, I foresee two possible implementations, one of which is trivial and one slightly less trivial. The trivial option being, every time the afk kick process runs, simply wrap a one liner around the execution which checks the current server population. However that would less than optimal because you have the process running when it doesn't need to be. Slightly less trivial, tweaking the logic that actually decides when to execute the AFK kick code to not do so while the server population is < n players. Disclaimer: Th
  5. Well, through time or divine intervention I can now login to the game.
  6. I haven't been able to get a response from any staff whatsoever in the past, and from what i've heard around the forums, that hasn't changed. I am able to login to the main site with the same credentials, just not in-game, via clipboard transfer, username change, password change, etc.
  7. Changed the password, tried copy and pasting the email, still no cigar.
  8. After updating to MP 0.1.3 I am no longer able to login to the game. I had it save my credentials from before which always worked fine. I had to login to the website to download the update anyways so my credentials are definitely correct. Upon suggestions in the forum, I tried changing my password, and my email, but I am still unable to login. Regards, Jadenn
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