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    I accidentally hit someone at an intersection in Ely tonight. I had a green light but I made a bonehead move steering with keyboard and hit his trailer. I didn't have coms setup and forgot what the text chat key was until he was out of range. I felt so bad. He was upset and made that clear over the CB radio, which made me feel even worse. I forget his name but if he's out there know that I apologize.
  2. Is it possible to logout of the server you're in and choose a differernt one without quitting the game? If I wanted to leave the euro server and join a different region, for example. Apologies if it's been asked a hundred times, I couldn't find it.
  3. Yes thankyou! I'm a bit embarassed I didn't find that option earlier.
  4. Let's say I used a name none of my friends know me as, and I'd like to use my Steam name, is it possible to change it or do I need to create a new account, and will that still work with my old Steam account?
  5. Is the site not sending gmail activation emails this weekend? I cant download the new version of the mod because the email isn't getting thru. edit: it worked on yahoo.
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