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  1. jempitje

    One Truck Family Event

    fixed it, make sure you are using the vesrion 1.33 public beta of the game, it fixed this problem for me
  2. jempitje

    One Truck Family Event

    same problem here, been trying to find the trailers for days now, i have everything needed to do them, lang distance, all the dlc's, etc... but still nothing pops up, i noticed that with every event you should see the event top middle in your pausemenu, but as you can see in my menu it doesnt appear, apperently i'm missing something but i can't figure out what it is any help here would be great
  3. jempitje

    new vtc meet up in game

    hiya there follow truckers, first of all happy new year you all, Suggestion Name: new vtc jobmarket fest Suggestion Description: a place/event for new vtc to meet up and offer a job to free roaming truckdrivers Any example images: not yet provided but i will provide in the future Why should it be added?: because it would be a great asset towards the game and the coommunity to see the new vtc's out there and let them talk with each other, and this is olso a away to kinda prevent them spammoing or posting to look for drivers in other events now let me explain a little bit my idea i came up with an idea like some sort of an ingame jobmarket event for new and exicisting vtc's, it will be liike some sort of an truckfest but more towards recruiting people in an event if this idea will be approved i can work out a groundplan, date and location, etc... it is olso a way to meet new vtc's and check out excisting vtc's in what they can offer sometimes, this can be done like at calais port, or another more centralmap area, i do know that this asks a lot of you guys aswell but i'm pretty sure if this is approved we can set this up for example every 6 months or so this is my idea, so let me know what you guys think about it, thank you