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  1. I created and edited a video today talking  about and showing how my cat behaves sometimes. The voice soundtrack was record seperate and took a few takes but I did it in the end.



  2. I now have a website running on wix.com as well as two on my own server   https://mcgistics.wixsite.com/logistics 
    the two on my server are  http://www.mcgistics.co.uk   http://www.moviemotion.uk as well as a cloud website that to some setting up on windows IIS 7  http://www.mycybercloud.com there is also a remote site as well but that will give a warning https://www.mcgistics.com/Remote/logon?ReturnUrl=%2fremote


  3. My Latest Live stream with OBS  and three web cameras.


    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      so cool. look great. It was very nice

  4. Some awkward roads in Iceland that won't be use on a delivery to and from Iceland. Watch part on my youtube channel @ https://youtu.be/y29l3JU_dZE.








    Image may contain: ocean, sky, cloud, outdoor, nature and water



  5. My McGistics Website as been updated today so take a look and tell me what you think of it and give me feedback out it.



  6. I've been a bit busy today building me new  GT Omega Steering Wheel stand PRO for my new setup and at the same time managed to get a photo of a DAF truck passing where I live. I do see them every day but they mainly travel up and down the A500 Stoke on Trent to the A34 Newcastle Under Lyme  to go the the local Distribution Centres.   Remember to click like and Subscribe to my Youtube channel @  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiWLpl6XGnyagri59zBu1CQ?view_as=subscriber


    My new GT Omega Steering Wheel stand PRO For Logitech G920 Racing wheel & shifter V2 Setup.




    GT Omega Steering Wheel stand PRO and Euro Truck Simulator





  7. My old computer set and the new setup for 2018 with two new desks and cupboards after the fireplace was removed and more space to store computer things when not in use and also not crammed up in the corner but still have a fury pest in the way and acting like an owl. Just can't use G27 steering wheel at the moment because there is no where to clamp it or the shifter so I ordered a  GT Omega Steering Wheel stand PRO For Logitech G920 Racing wheel & shifter V2 to go under my desk when when using it and remove when not.



    Image may contain: people sitting, screen, table and indoor








    These two videos are a demonstration of what I will be doing during stream once I get my fibre broadband installed hopefully tomorrow. At the moment I cannot stream due to poor ADSL upload of only 1117 kbps.  I need feedback of what people would like ingame view of dual camera. There is an amber tint due to the light in my living room.  Day time is perfect but in the U.K at the moment it's the winter months and short days till 21st December. The southern hemisphere are longer summer days at the moment. 


    Dual Web Cameras are used in this recording.


    This video is in gaming recorded using relive with one monitor. 


  9. McGistics on Euro Truck simulator 2

    Will be going live very soon.

    I'll post an update.

  10. I now have a video uploaded to my Youtube Channel at 


  11. A few Mods American truck Simulator from the steam workshop all working well and fun the drive till Version 1.29 is released Thursday and game crashes start happening. Will test them on 1.29 beta and give and update. Hopefully the mad makers will update their mods soon.




  12. Been a long since I used American Truck simulator only 201 hours use compared to Euro Truck Simulator 2  there is 1255 hours use. Hopping Promods will release a map for it I got Promods 2.220 and work ok on ETS2. Here is a few screenshots from my ATS2.  I am able to use full graphics setting using Eyefinity triple screen mode and get about 17 to 20 FPS.

    You can view the Album at https://www.facebook.com/216970208639692/photos/?tab=album&album_id=572956059707770 of goto my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Mcgistics . There is a group page created if you wish to join at https://www.facebook.com/groups/McGistics/ also check out my Google Plus profile at 

    https://plus.google.com/u/1/100395111949443176326 and Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiWLpl6XGnyagri59zBu1CQ?view_as=subscriber There are no videos uploaded yet but will be in the near futur when I get chance. You can also check out my main Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/McMasterphotography/. For those thinking what yes McMaster is my surname and proud of it.


























  13. https://www.facebook.com/Mcgistics
    Promods, Kirkenes in the north eastern part of Norway in challenging with all those steep bendy roads and no barriers to protect you from a bad maneuver ending up in a long way down the hillside.  nearly ended up over the hillside  twice driving a little too fast and not a wise thing to do. 













    1. antrax737


      Went there with wider trailer from jazzycat, on each side of the truck extra 50cm-70cm, got stuck so many times just because of  it

      Nice Man

  14. 1889 mile journey to be completed. It's a lot of hard work in all that snow and having to keep an eye on my fuel because it burns up quickly on icey and snowy roads with wheels spinning on the steep hiles at 21 mph and hitting 2000 rps.




















  15. Two Deliveries done today with my cat and a Man Truck and RJL Scania Mods and work very well on ETS2 1.28.





























  16. Them steep hills are hard to climb but the delivery was completed a day late so lost over £4000.






  17. Those roundabouts in Wales are small and awkward to get around with kamikaze car drivers.




    1. [C16M] Baiano

      [C16M] Baiano

      How many screens do you use?

    2. Adrian McMaster Gaming

      Adrian McMaster Gaming

      Three with a  4096MB ATI AMD Radeon R9 380 Series (MSI) graphics card and Eyefinity mod. 











    3. [C16M] Baiano
  18. Trying a mod  of an old Scania from 1989. It's 500hp engine so so of the uphill climbs are a bit difficult and fuel burn fast so when in Iceland and you're in the middle of know were if worrying when the fuel gets low to 30 miles worth left and minus 2 degrees the road are icey and some have a lot of snow and the simulator demonstrates that on an uphill climb because the revs suddenly go from 1500 to 2500 with wheel spin I use automatic 12 speed gearbox.












  19. Here's another post from me today just befor I go into virtual world and my current Computer setup used for my simulators.



  20. Is there a automatic language translator I can switch on for these forums because my Language is English being born in England and if another person from another country replies to my comments or status it's showing in their language.  I did not learn any other language so it's hard for me. The google translater work a little bit but seems to show wrong translation at times.  If there is not one hopefully developers can deploy something on the website that automatically translate for us. I English is the hardest language to learn for others because I been told it's because so many words are sound the same and we use lower and upper case letters and we older folks like me type in lingo that people outside the UK can't understand I was told once by Polish people I work with struggled to understand me when I was 35 10 years but they could understand they younger generation who was 19 to 23 years old.  

    1. Anriandor


      If you see people posting other languages than English in sections which are not classed as a language subforum, feel free to report that reply. Nevertheless, the language used in status updates can vary depending on the person's nationality but I do not see the reason why one would reply in another language than English if you spoke that.

    2. Positivetrucking168


      One piece of information that would be useful to note is that the web developers are eventually planning to turn off support for other languages due to common errors that have been found with the community translating parts of the website. So that is not going to happen. 

      In today's world, you don't have the most accurate machine translation software that can exactly translate what you're saying to the phrases commonly understood by native speakers. I can however understand where you are trying to blend in to the multicultural and multinational feel of the forums, though. 

  21. Has anyone tried the Promods because I'm using it and it excellent gives much more realism  to the simulators and the Iceland area is good and challenging and before anyone says out I know it will not work with multiplayer. Some of the Journeys are 2800 miles it takes a long time and a lot of fuel so lots a brake are needed for the driver / me to rest my eyes and have a brew and a biscuit then continue my journey with the speed limiter on so at to keep below or at 55 MPH. Oh and don't they build straight roads and bridges in russia there bumpy as hell and full of potholes just like where I come from In North Staffordshire, United Kingdom. Will Post a few photo on my Facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/Mcgistics. That's all from me for now and it's hard typing when you have a fury moggy in the way this is him below his name is Tommy a 17 month old monster but he is cute and adorable.21557948_550910538578989_153630678995033

  22. Do you prefer ETS2 to ATS. I find ATS is lacking variety and scenery as well as trucks. SCS need to do more I went on multiplayer and only 110 users on there compared to ETS2 server one server had  3200 users. 

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I prefer ETS2 cause more trucks + customization options, much bigger map and loads more players :D 

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