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  1. Good to hear! I hope your weekend will be even greater
  2. Shadowplay from Geforce Experience. But Medal can be great for recording as well when you adjust the settings. And yeah I agree. OBS is pretty heavy and reduces performance.
  3. Nice topic, very kind How was your week?
  4. Congrats again :kappa: gotten used to the pings yet? :troll:

    1. xBestBBx


      Lmao, they've simmered down significantly. It's just the forum :kappa:

      Thank you! 

  5. Yep, totally agree! It's usually on the backroads where you find the beautiful views.
  6. Thanks everybody for the congratulations! I wasn't expecting so many, and I hope I could reply to everybody :P. You're all so kind ❤️

  7. Pls admeen my cat was on keyboard didnt mean to type that.
  8. Very glad to be a part of this group of nub drivers Bruijn Logistics xD
  9. Hey Have a week off from college, which is nice. Just chilling in some ETS2 streams. And drinking some coffee. And I plan on doing literally nothing else today. Just nice and lazy haha. What have you been up to tho?
  10. Maybe they will. But I don't think it's at the top of their priority list. Would be cool if they added more cars. Personally I don't think it's the car's fault of reckless driving. You can do the same thing in a truck. So removing the car won't remove the problem.
  11. Nah. Am a student of 23 years so pretty much at the bottom of the vaccination list. Managed to dodge corona or even just the regular flu, luckily.
  12. Same reason C-D road. People go there because people are there. It's kind of an endless loop of people going there and more people going there because people are going there.... You see? xD
  13. Oh wow, they're really out there to get you. I've never experienced it that severe myself. But that's not fun at all. Though I personally do enjoy my Skoda and I keep to the speedlimit so I hope they don't remove it, haha. But I understand the frustration.
  14. Some people don't have the proper software to report on the website. So the in-game system should stay, in my opinion. It's not guaranteed that someone will look at it. But it's better than nothing
  15. They just like doing it, I guess. I stick to 90 most of the time. But the long stretches of highway on the old map can be a bit boring as they're all copy pasted (Germany or UK for example) I drive 110 there just to be over with it. I slow down for corners and around other players, of course. But when driving in France, scandinavia or Eastern Europe I take my time. The map is more beautiful there. I don't see a need to zoom past it with high speeds. Personally I don't really mind what speed people are driving. As long as they do it in a safe matter. If that's how they e
  16. Nah I just took them over from you. Because I seem to have noticed more
  17. A bus sounds interesting. Wouldn't mind if they added a bus to the game.
  18. I prefer short distances. I usually just hop from city to city. Because when I feel like I want to stop I don't have a long distance to cover anymore. While with a long haul you either have to quit your job or commit for many more kilometers. And then it just feels forced. Huge respect to those long haul people. No idea how they pull it off. But it's impressive!
  19. This is a fun website! Like some people above, I type faster when I already know what to say. But my average is still pretty good. I managed to get 85 WPM on English and 98 WPM in my native language (Dutch). I only type with my index fingers https://prnt.sc/zurbjp https://prnt.sc/zurgrm
  20. Yes, I was refering to passenger vehicles because they are the targeted group for the signs.
  21. It should still need a re-work anyway. That part of the map is quite old. And in multiplayer people dont care about the rules xd
  22. It does affect the intersection. Like I said, they are placed after the intersection outside city limits this is on purpose because it helps drivers understand where they are and what the road rules are regarding the speedlimit. In Germany the default speedlimit outside city limits is 100kph. The sign after the intersection shows you are outside the city, therefore the speedlimit is 100kph. Which is exactly why there is a speedlimit sign stating it's 80kph behind it. (because it has been reduced from default). That priority sign does affect the intersection and is the r
  23. The red truck has a priority road sign: https://prnt.sc/yytv5y Signs are placed after intersections in Europe when outside the city limits. I made another screenshot for clarification: https://prnt.sc/yyu0gx If you were to turn right in the green lane. Then you'd have priority as oncoming traffic. But you are turning from the red lane, and the oncoming traffic rule doesn't apply to you anymore (the arrows on the road show this). I hope this helps. And things like this is exactly why the old parts of the map are in desperate need of a re-work, hah
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