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Status Updates posted by BAKERPK [PL] [ENG]

  1. Someone is back on route ;) Enjoy!



  2. https://www.twitch.tv/bakerpkk


    Apex legends if some one want to have a look ;)



  3. Thanks for all birthday wishes :) I hope you all alright, we may see soon :wesmart:

  4. Why me status was close? Which rules did that break? 

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    2. BAKERPK [PL] [ENG]

      BAKERPK [PL] [ENG]

      One before that no one can replay to it. Thanks

    3. Forraz


      Oh! the status update is fine but because of the flooding of status updates it has been managed for the time being.

    4. Merengue4ever
  5. Tralala Zjedzmy sobie rogala xD :P :troll:

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    2. RaneMoro



    3. BAKERPK [PL] [ENG]

      BAKERPK [PL] [ENG]

      nonapewnolatweniebedzietorozszyfrowaccoijak xD

  6. No to ziomus ja od siebie mogę powiedzieć dzieki za pomoc i walkę o nasze ;) Pamiętaj to nie koniec jeszcze! :P 

  7. Zapraszam na stream mojego kolegi z GTA 5 RP! Polecam! 



    1. RaneMoro


      hm, cóż za dziki roleplay xD

    2. Astronomix111
  8. This one is a bit strange... :troll:

    I didn`t know that im famous :lol:



  9. Admin Patrol (server #EU2)


    Today 4:00 PM UK time


    Enjoy :)



    1. [GER]Loading...


      Polnisch Chat Mode

      bakerpk91 has enabled this chat for Polnisch language speakers only. Mówisz po Polski? Jeśli tak, kliknij tutaj, aby otworzyć czat.



  10. Admin Patrol today 3:30 PM UK time. ;) Enjoy!



  11. Admin Patrol by bakerpk




    Enjoy! :D

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    2. [RT] Aro34

      [RT] Aro34

      aa to co innego o tej porze to ja spałem jak dziecko :D

  12. Good luck to all new Admins! :) 

    1. Freddyk


      How about have fun? :P


    2. [ zmaster ]

      [ zmaster ]

      indeed.. its not Gratz or congratz... its "Good Luck"... you definitly gona need it! :D

  13. Nowy regulamin dotyczący używania Scouta w grze :) Warto przeczytać :)



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