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  1. Guess there's my answer... I was referring to a mod such as Forerunner's but looks like there isn't any other. Thank you very much, to all 3 of you.
  2. Do you guys know any mods which allow you to own the default ETS 2 trailers (like Stokes or EuroGoodies)?
  3. I've done everything correctly, I know I have (though there is something I might have missed). I got all of the 3 mods, put it in ETS2MP\mod and it kicks me right after connecting, saying that my client is invalid. Any clue? UPDATE: Indeed, there was something I was missing. The file was corupt, the hashes didn't match. So guys, be careful to check the hash if it doesn't work! THIS WAS SOLVED AND CAN BE MOVED BY A MOD.
  4. Yes, you can use your owned trailers. To get cargo, first of all, go and sleep somewhere to sync the server time with your game time. Then, press Job Market and hit the third option which is Cargo Market if I'm not wrong.
  5. I guess it has been, yes You can close this or do what you normally do with solved posts
  6. I know, and that's why I said "Wait for 7 days", because I changed my name 7 days ago. And in case you wrote that to tell me that there's no way they can change it, I just wanted to play without the company name, as I don't want it to tell everyone I'm part of something of which I actually am not. Fair enough, thanks for your reply!
  7. Hello! I joined a VTC last week and I changed my name for it. Now, I left it but I can't change my name until the next week. Is it possible for someone to make me return to my previous name on my name history, or do I still have to wait for 7 days with the company name? My ID would be 545200
  8. I don't know what the cause could be, but a file might be missing. Try opening your Steam library, Right Click ETS 2, press properties , local files and press check cache integrity.
  9. L1nx

    lost file

    Try to open the Launcher, and to press "Install available updates"
  10. @JarFull Wow Tom! Thank you so much! +rep Given!
  11. Hi! I wanna completely make the snow disappear. For that, I unticked it from the Mods thingie on the MP Settings and it dissapeared from the landscape. But the problem is that snowflakes are still falling down. Anyone knows how to disable that too?
  12. Hi mate! There's a mod which put every truck 750 hp. The DAF XF will not work unfortuntely. Take a look to the mod here:
  13. Hello mate. Please turn your In-Game language to English, to understandd better. Do the following: On the menu, press "Options" and then, go to "Controls" Scroll down until you see Acceleration and Brake Axis On the Acceleration and Brake sections, you'll see Acceleration Axis Mode and Brake Axis Mode. Change whatever is on those tabs to "Inverted" Hope this helps! Kind Regards, iMadeYouReadThis
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