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  1. Your questions are understandable, but you forget about some points and aspects that in this situation put you, as a player, and a moderator in different situations. There are thousands of players, I would say millions, but as you may know, there are much fewer moderators. Due to the specifics of the position, moderators in one way or another face thousands of players and since not all players can perceive even a kick adequately, which is why moderators are very often persecuted. I will say from my experience: very often after a kick or ban, players in discord in the general chat begin to swear. You have to be a moderator to feel this, but for now just trust my words. If this did not happen, managers would not begin to think about the morale of the moderators. A lot of good and experienced people could not withstand such a load, because it is really difficult. So there are valid reasons for this. Not seeing a moderator's name doesn't affect your situation in any way, except that you can't contact that moderator directly, so... If you put it on the scale, then the moral and psychological state of each moderator is outweighed by compared to the fact that you cannot know the name of the moderator who took the action. So just take a broader view of the situation, not just within the scope of your review.
  2. What do you call 'for the same thing?' You will almost never find the same situations and if you see more ban messages in chat, you will see that this has been improved, although I do not support such a system. Here's why: As I said, every incident is unique, so I always looked at the factors that could lead to a lenient punishment or a more severe one. First and foremost, the most important factor for me is how many players were harmed due to the player's actions. I believe that every player who gets hurt means an increase in the ban period. I also always looked at whether the actions were intentional or not. If someone violated the rules intentionally, he must be held accountable for it. If it is still an accident, but a violation of the rules, then this will be a mild punishment as a warning. Now, due to the changes, the penalties have become soft for any violations and it doesn’t actually matter whether you hit one player or 10 - you will have the same punishment in most cases, but is this fair? No, and for this reason I would like to see a more flexible punishment system so that those who really deserve a ban do not join the game for as long as possible. Also, the problem is that each of us is an individual with different views on the same thing, so it is extremely difficult to create a team of moderators who will talk about any situation in the same way. So there is some truth in your words, but you are talking on the surface when there are many other factors in the depths that cannot be ignored.
  3. You may have expressed your dream incorrectly, because the desire to be on a team and the desire to contribute to the community are two different things. A lot of people want to be part of a team, but when you ask them - what do you want to do for the community and how? - many cannot answer quickly and reasonably. Looking from the outside, we may see slightly different things than what you see. This is for thought You can't say that, because criticizing is the easiest thing! Why would players think about how to deal with current reports? Why worry about finding a balance between reporting and in-game activity? Why think about making it better in the long run? Why think about thousands of players getting, if not everything they want, but some of it? Why think about how to deal with someone who has only one goal - trolling? No no no! This is too much of a burden on a small brain, so the simplest way will be used - criticism and pointing a finger at what exactly he does not like, at what was not done as this particular user wants. Sorry, I couldn’t resist, but I don’t know how to comment on such “complaints” otherwise. Don't pay too much attention to it))
  4. It was fascinating to read the comments for this announcement. I would like to give my response to many commenters as there are many I agree with and many comments I disagree with. But this will take a lot of time, so I'll leave a general answer to what I see. 1. many commentators write as if they know exactly what will give a good result. But this result will only be good for you, so in your opinions you do not take into account thousands of other players and hundreds of other circumstances. 2. Also, many of the comments contain things that I agree with, but the methods will not be as effective due to specific circumstances that you are not aware of. 3. some of the comments look quite funny, but these comments completely fail because they completely ignore the scale. For example, some idea will work for the city of London in the game, but will no longer work in Calais. Being on this side and criticizing is perhaps the simplest and most widespread thing that happens here. Yes, definitely many of you are saying the right things, but I assure you, you will change your mind if you join the moderation team for 3-6 months. Everything is much more complicated than you think, don't forget about it. And for this reason, as you can see, many new moderators cannot withstand the stress that they teach, and if you add to this persecution and threats due to a kick or a ban, it is difficult to bear. So I partially support anonymity, but I would leave this choice to the moderators: be public or hide yourself. As for reports, the situation here is also not simple. This is probably a problem with any online project where it is very difficult to find a balance. When you are allowed to send an unlimited number of reports, sooner or later this will lead to some kind of race of reports, which also becomes a problem. But solving this problem provokes another problem and this is a cyclical process here. Alas, but this is a fact. And it's really difficult to find a balance. so when you talk about solving one problem, you forget that this solution provokes other problems that may be more global. I'll be humble and say that I was very loud a while ago when I started shouting that we need to move from working with reports to working in the game, since reports are the consequences of not being active enough in the game. I'm incredibly glad that this actually happened. Although I talked about broader actions that are necessary to improve the player experience and make the work of moderators easier, this is still internal information. In any case, I'm glad that one wheel of the project came out of the mud and stopped slipping ) In conclusion, I would like to say that the number of hours you play in the game does not matter, no matter how many reports you send - it all does not matter, because if you do not have respect for other players, then no matter what the moderators and managers do or the developers - it will still be a slow process to improve the atmosphere of the game. Here's the secret to playing well: practice your skills in safe places, every time you play, think that you are being watched by a GM xD
  5. Устанавливается путём редактирования сохранений или с использованием локальных модов. Собственно такие запросы и сделайте в поисковике - инструкций много.
  6. I think that you remember that a large number of reports on the site forces you to devote more time to them, which directly affects your activity in the game. I see it as a temporary measure, so when the situation in the game is improved and the reports on the site are really good, the limit will be increased. I believe that the reports on the site are currently holding back moderator activity in the game, which I think is a temporary measure, otherwise this changes will not bear fruit so quickly. (my opinion)
  7. I'm glad to see that what many have said, like me, is being implemented. I also agree that the previous rule change, where the penalties were mitigated, didn't work, so I hope we see more severe penalties again for those who make the game a mess. It's very difficult to fix something that's already commonplace, so detailed change reports like this will make a difference when players know the reasons behind the changes.
  8. Happy Birthday Roman, I wish you the best in your life and stay healthy! Hope I'll see you soon back in the team 🎂

  9. Hi all.
    Due to reaction limitations, I just want to thank everyone for the congratulations! This is valuable to me! Thank you all! 🥰



  10. Happy birthday! @ResTed 🎉🎂🥳

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