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  1. Asyedan

    Hot topic #3: Oregon and Baltic DLC

    The area covered in Baltic DLC has a very nice scenery in ProMods. Back when i played it in my old PC i remember i drove through these countries quite frequently. If SCS replicates it decently, it will be a very nice DLC to have. I hope it will not be as empty as Vive La France DLC, but sadly i think it will. The Baltics will be too far away from the busy regions of MP that will be mostly empty, unlike Italy which is fairly 'close' (still ~1000 km, but through a pretty straightforward route) from Calais/Brussel/Germany.
  2. Many of you already know, but anyway. Your brakes are not connected to Kim Jong Un's nuclear button. Use them sometimes. It can save you from crashing, and preventing unnecesary damage or being punished by a staff.

  3. Asyedan

    Removing Calais-Duisburg From The Map

    It already exists: the road coming from Calais to A16 highway and the small section of the mentioned highway between Calais road and the C-D road. The first one is a mess due to the complex nature of the road (many decently sharp turns, no hard shoulder, intense traffic and an extremely dangerous intersection with the exit from A16 with all the traffic coming from C-D road trying to turn left into Calais). On the other hand, the A16 highway, being a pretty straight route at least in the section with the most traffic, is pretty calm. For every accident i've had or seen on A16 highway, there are 50 in the Calais entrance road. A dual lane C-D road would make it a bit better because you wont have to worry about the incoming traffic (well there will be surely the usual <insert insult here> driving wrong way). But the biggest problem of C-D road is not the road itself, is the entrance to Calais which is overcrowded and you dont have any other option to leave Calais unless you take the ferry to Dover which is a route not everyone can use, for example if you are going to Calais from Montpellier you can't go via Europoort > Dover, you would waste a lot of time. Does not matter if you want to use the C-D road or not - if you want to go from/to Calais, using that road is almost mandatory so you have to either potentially take a long detour to your route or put yourself in a high risk of an accident.
  4. Asyedan

    Removing Calais-Duisburg From The Map

    It does not have any sense. To be honest, the current state of C-D road is almost good. Basically everyone who want chaos goes there, and the highways are left for those who want peace. The only thing i think needs improvement is the entrance/exit to Calais. This road gets very overcrowded and it is a pretty dangerous highway which a couple of sharp turns which regularly cause accidents, which cause traffic jams, which cause accidents, and so on. Considering the roundabout at the entrance of Calais is pretty close to C-D road (you can actually see it in your GPS, at normal zoom, from the road), i think that, if possible, opening a short road going from that roundabout directly to C-D road would make it much better to enter/leave Calais: That way, all the crowd of players who want to go to C-D road would use that road, and leave the default one with way less traffic. Players who dont want to enter C-D road would only need to take care of that roundabout. You could simply take the 'main' avenue of Calais, turn right and end of the problem, while all the crowd could just go straight. Sure, it would be harder for people who wants to enter the city, but currently traffic coming from A16 has to do a very dangerous left turn against the heavy incoming traffic from Calais. In my opinion, a roundabout 'against the crowd' is much better.
  5. 3 day ban for insulting a guy who cut me off 3 times in a row, drove the last 100 kms on the opposite sidelane, caused 2 accidents?


    'Admin discretion'... if i get 3 days of ban that guy should get 20 days...

    1. Titanic4


      You could stay calm when the incident occurred instead of insulting anyone.

    2. weezy


      Dear Asyedan,


      posting Status Updates about ban won't help you any further. Appeal your ban and wait patiently. I can see that you got banned for Insulting. My Advice: never Insult someone just report them and keep going.


      Appeal your ban here: https://truckersmp.com/appeals

      And if you're not satisfied with a decision made by a Staff Member then please submit a Feedback Ticket here: https://truckersmp.com/feedback

      Kind regards


      Community Moderator

  6. Asyedan

    in which country you like to travel the most? (ETS2)

    As i like to do various short trips rather than a long one, usually the country i drive the most is Germany. I also drive often around Netherlands, Belgium, France (mostly Calais, Lille and Strasbourg) and Luxembourg. More sporadically i drive in Scandinavia or Italy. I love their scenery. I very rarely go to Austria and Switzerland but i often go through them when driving from/to Italy. Finally, the countries i drive the least are Eastern Europe (with exception of Czech Republic, which i visit often as it is very close to my main garage in Dresden), the UK, and in the very bottom the DLC area of France.
  7. Asyedan

    150 Km/h update is good or not?

    The speed limit is OK. 150 kph is still a very high speed. I only think it should be disabled in EU #4, since you cant harm anyone there.
  8. I've completed the entire CD road with 0% damage and no quick loads. I feel very lucky haha. Just a minor incident with a... hm... bad driver that tried to overtake me at the railway crossing, but fortunately did no damage.


    Ps: The traffic jam at that crossing,  in the opposite lane (direction Duisburg), mother of god i've never seen such a jam in TMP. At least 15 kms full of stopped trucks.

    1. stilldre1976


      then should be a medal for that feat tbf :lol:

  9. Today i finished the event, after a 3 hour almost non stop session in TMP, with only a break to have lunch (my time is 3 hours behind WoT time). Here is my event log: The last 5 deliveries, were chaotic. I witnessed at least 4 crashes, almost got rammed twice, and so on. And what a huge traffic jam was in the highway near Dortmund! I dont know what happened there. Fortunately i was in the opposing lane. The paintjob looks great. I will apply it to some of my trucks when it becomes available in MP.
  10. Asyedan

    Where do you drive the most? Or your favourite road?

    Calais-Dresden. From hell to my home. 1000 km which feels shorter because the Liege-Koln route goes pretty fast. I also like to drive in Italy and France, they're very well made DLCs altough french tolls are a pain, they're everywhere.
  11. As that city had no real utility for me, owning garages in the neighboring cities of Calais and Brussel, i sold my garage in Lille. All the employees had been relocated to Dijon, while the two personal vehicles i had stored there were moved to Szczecin.


    The garage in Calais now remains as my only 5-slot garage in France.

  12. Asyedan

    Why do you go to Duisburg-Calais?

    I just drive it as a challenge, to prove myself if i can deal well with the crazy drivers of this road. I like crowded places, but CD road is something i avoid more times than i use. I do many trips from or to Calais, Duisburg or Rotterdam, but i mostly use the Koln-Liege highway or via Amsterdam, which is a longer route but also less stressful. In off peak times, however, i tend to use CD road much more often. Anyway, in these days i almost never used CD road, instead i choose to drive to Calais/Duisburg from somewhere else. A route i'm doing a lot last days is Dresden-Calais, it's a rather long route (about 1050 km) but that zone is very familiar to me, as Dresden is my main city and around half of the route goes by the route known as the "alternative C-D road", via Koln, Liege and Lille, so once i reach that highway i feel i'm close to the destination, despite i still have to drive 500 km.
  13. My "virtual hometown", Dresden, is one of the special transport delivery points. Nice :D


    Ps: If ST is supported in MP some time, i expect heavy chaos in Brussel and Dortmund.

  14. Asyedan

    Concerns regarding the Special Transport DLC

    A permanent ghostmode for players driving ST jobs would be the best solution. It will be unrealistic, but safety is more important than realism. Take in mind ghost mode does not prevent crashing with the environment so they still have to drive carefully. GM could work this way: once you accept a special transport delivery you enter ghost mode, which lasts until you deliver the cargo or cancel the job, after that you will leave permanent GM and enter the normal temporary ghostmode we have now, this is to prevent trolls from abusing it. But i think the devs know much more than any of us in how to deal with DLCs. We can have concerns, suggest different ideas but only the devs have the code and know how it works, so they will almost always have the best solution for this.
  15. Asyedan

    Concerns regarding the Special Transport DLC

    People said the same with heavy cargo, and now it isn't a problem at all. Same with doubles. This DLC as any other will be compatible with MP sometime and everybody will get used to dealing with it. I dont see why it could cause chaos. A normal player driving this kind of load will give way to the other players, also a truck pulling this huge loads will move considerably slower than a normal truck, so it will be fairly easy to overtake even if the player does not give way. The only problem i see, is being involved in traffic jams with a trailer that could block both lanes of the road. I think they can be treated as "useless traffic" in these situations, altough they are not useless. And a slow, huge trailer could cause accidents with reckless drivers, but... huh, reckless drivers do not discriminate between huge and small vehicles, they crash everything