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  1. This is the best solution that works currently for anyone browsing for a fix.
  2. Living life, driving the highways of Europe & America. Find me with a Red truck 2 Plates "Cole" & "YouTube"

  3. I looked around the website / forums for a FAQ or Solution thread covering this topic but I've found nothing unless I missed it (sorry if so). I woke up, simply tried to launch TruckersMP when it came up with this error. " Connection Error- Retry? " I did retry, and I did attempt to just download the launcher again [as it said to visit the download page] but received the same error again.
  4. MyVTC making its return, very soon.

  5. Anyone else not able to download the update?

    1. Penguin


      Do you have an error message at all?

  6. @foolisH Do freight jobs, they are synced to server time now, so you can use those as a substitute until they fix it.

  7. I'm asked to downgrade, but when it redirects to how to downgrade topic, it comes up as a can't find page.
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