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  1. tested this trailer out, the hitbox works as standard length trailers I dont see it causing an issue online? just want admin approval first. https://prnt.sc/n5jes3
  2. Hi, on an owned trailer, how do you change the mass of cargo you are carrying. I can see the chassis and body mass for the trailer. And under player job, there is no cargo mass line to edit the mass of the cargo you are carrying? thanks.
  3. Nuggey

    Engine Swaps

    Hi thanks for getting back to me, if you look at vodkas post in news and announcements, he's added new allowed mods which is engine swaps.
  4. Hey, I create engine swap mods and use them in singleplayer fine, but wondering how can I use for the multiplayer, I thought it would be the same principle for the trailer mod enabling in singleplayer then it carrying to multiplayer, but going to multiplayer with the engines swaps, they revert back to stock engines (e.g. Scania engine in daf)
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