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  1. tested this trailer out, the hitbox works as standard length trailers I dont see it causing an issue online? just want admin approval first. https://prnt.sc/n5jes3
  2. Hi, on an owned trailer, how do you change the mass of cargo you are carrying. I can see the chassis and body mass for the trailer. And under player job, there is no cargo mass line to edit the mass of the cargo you are carrying? thanks.
  3. This is one of my latest hybrid truck builds for multiplayer. Shes got new Volvo cab with Mercedes actros chassis, Renault racing paint job, completely de badged and no decals, 750hp engine, new Mercedes actros transmission with 4 reverse gears, she also has Scania v8 sounds inside and out.
  4. A topic that has kept quiet for a while is hybrid trucks. Lots of people online have been making custom trucks now, how about sharing some of those hybrid pics on here??
  5. Had the DAF E6 with the 750 engine, Scania trans, debadged from daf, all upgrades added for 2 weeks now not exactly new, great truck though
  6. Ive worked out all the editing for lights and that now
  7. Yes movvy it is on multiplayer im using a scania with daf gearbox and volvo engine
  8. I got a swap working online also worked out the upgrades too taken a few hours though just having trouble changing the middle axle of wheels on a taglift editing its value still stays as steel
  9. Alright, I reckon you will struggle a little, trying to find a work around
  10. Leeds lad try adding upgrades e.g. Accessory bar does that work without crashing?
  11. I see that's cool in receiving crashes on the upgrade shop when adding upgrades any ideas why?
  12. okay show your truck listed in your truck manager or upgrade shop within mp
  13. Can we have a video of this to prove it?
  14. Paul actually you are wrong, as on multiplayer game files are read beneath the saves, for example trailer mods which you do in single player are on the save, if you do what you are saying try it yourself and you will get a truck with standard engine on mp. your method works fine for sp, but as again stated not MP.
  15. Paul we've all done that it works that way for SP but for MP has to be save editing.
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