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  1. Now I'm getting this error "Cannot validate game version.Would you like to try again?" It was working all well this week until say Wednesday or Thursday Now can't play at all. What i have tried. -Reinstall the multiplayer -Reinstall the base game -Run As Administrator -Have opt out and in of betas -Verify Game Files Also so it's not letting me on this site for some reason i am doing this on my iPad, i have reinstalled this game 2 or 3 times now I just don't understand it. also I was getting white snow dots in mp to even though I didn't install the winter mod strange it only comes up after 15 or 20 minutes in game. Update: I have fixed multiplayer guys.. my desktop time clock was showing an outdated time so all I did was update the time and tried the game again and multiplayer is now working and the site is working again now so try this people if you haven't
  2. What's inside my pc... a BEAST!
  3. On Tip 3 it would be ok if they did but people never do say sorry.. so Tip 3 is rather pointless haha.
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