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  1. In case you have not seen this:

    Sign up today because it's on first come serve basis and get your trucks ready for this epic event. :) 

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      signed up since yesterday :D Can't wait :D

    2. Guest


      Hell If I want to race I will just get on Euro Truck Simulator 2 server 2 LOL. I might do it but not sure. Immortal how are you this morning man. 

    3. TTI - FR  LDMax

      TTI - FR LDMax

      ho very nice thanks!:)

  2. Going to do some admin stream on my twitch channel for about an hour come say hello.


    Thanks :) 

    1. SuliHD


      Haven't seen you for a while Immortal, PM me mate :D

  3. Nice Convoy in the snow organised by Kazuki.



  4. TruckersMP Christmas Convoy Stream is Back:




    Come and say hello and join convoy if you can

  5. Live Admin Stream of TruckersMP Christmas 12 hr Convoy on here:



    Come say hello. Thanks

  6. Sleigh Bells Convoy live here:


  7. Nice Convoy LKW: 





  8. I was on twitch over the weekend looking for streams on Vive La France for those who got their copies early and I came across this hilarious lad trying to park a trailer. I had to make clips off his stream to share with all. 

    Beware you may laugh so hard. Happy viewing



  9. Vive La France on TruckersMP stream live here:


  10. streaming the new update live:  https://www.twitch.tv/immortal7661

    Come say Hello if you're not playing thanks

  11. It's remembrance season, a time to remember men and women whose sweat, blood and lives gave us and continue to give us an opportunity to leave in a world of peace.
    Poppy Parade is live here: https://www.twitch.tv/immortal7661

    Come and show your support if you have time to spare. :) 

  12. When a Soldier decides to play Euro Truck Simulator 2 :)



  13. Calais- Duisburg road now:



  14. Yesterday as I pulled out of Dover, this happened:



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      @[GER]Loading... umgeh es hald mit nem Proxy oder Browsererweiterungen :)

    3. Loadingscreen
    4. Reese - Use Caution

      Reese - Use Caution

      Good job, admin. Quick to that typing, though.

  15. In the past I've had several players who were banned for inappropriate usernames or tags say to me: "you could have warned me and I'll have just disconnected and changed the name".

    Well I gave it a go and this is what happened. (There's a bit of lags on the video this was filmed before the last server update):




    1. SlavaH


      i bet he got all worked up over it, just for him to make a fool out of himself and ram someone on record.

    2. stilldre1976


      Some people you just cant reach.. :lol:

  16. Railway Crossings ingame can be a death trap especially when you use a wheel that has force-feedback

    and your force-feedback settings ingame is activated.

    For the first time I crossed one around Pecs on top speed and this is what happens:



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    2. CaptainKostaZ


      Immortal however I hope none reported you :P:P

    3. immortal766


      @CaptainKostaZ Only a trucking ghost would report me because from the video it was only me there.

      Thank goodness it's not Halloween yet. Maybe I would have rammed a trucking ghost :P


    4. CaptainKostaZ


      Hahahaha yes definitely!

  17. This made me laugh so much. As well as those watching on my stream. Hope you enjoy it too!



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    2. Mirrland
    3. CaptainKostaZ


      That was really good! :D:D^_^ AHAHAHAH

    4. Ediin


      I want your Specs and your video options in-game, it is so smooth

  18. Had a nice drI've with @Fleming 9456. :)



    1. CaptainKostaZ


      Lol me on 23:00 mins

  19. Nice convoy from LKW today:



  20. Don't forget to join the TruckersMP Official Convoy.

    It starts in 35mins. Details Here

    1. Shovali


      if i was dont have bunnd for no reason i was join :(

  21. Here's a video I made today from the bit of admin work I did at Europoort at about 17:30BST.

    Please watch and do your best to avoid making these same mistakes.

    Happy Viewing:



  22. Here's a lovely video of Haulage 64 [Day 3] filmed by Scarecrow of "Online Truckers World"


    Please hit the subscribe button and watch other clips of this epic event on that channel.


    1. Shovali
    2. CrowEdits [ConvoyCCTV]

      CrowEdits [ConvoyCCTV]

      Thanks, immortal.. I'm right now sitting.. and waiting for my ban to expire xD... since i told to my mates to have a nice "F** Tournament" but yeah someone took it too seriously reported me and im banned for 3 days lol.

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