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  1. Our first Long Haul division promotional video has been released:
  2. Some of our old and new Long Haul drivers on a convoy
  3. A double-trailer drive through Scandinavia with some of our division drivers.
  4. A collage of some of our division drivers enjoying the new Oregon DLC:
  5. We're still going strong, we no longer have the bar but we still have the laughs
  6. When you first join Stobart Trucking, you will have complete freedom as to what truck you drive and what loads you deliver. You can also look to specialise by applying for one of our three divisions: Food, Energy and Long Haul. https://www.stvtc.co.uk/trucknet/site_divisions.php Please note all divisions have an application process and you must have completed at least 10 jobs before you apply.