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  1. I have several sports: - Running (5km, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), Interval training (Sunday), short run (1,5-2km on Monday and wednesday). - Shooting (25m, 100m, 300m) with CZ 550 (.308) H&K AR15 (.223), Ruger Blackhawk (.44Mag) and Springfield M1911 (.45 acp) - Skeet/trap shooting (Baretta 690) I also love American Football and as a Atlanta Hub Manager I'm partial to the Falcons..
  2. This is not true! There are probably just as much people that use addon maps like ProMods that are incompatible with TruckersMP. To be fair, I've been away from TruckersMP for a while (almost two years) because I was tired sick of trolls on the simulation server.. This has improved greatly, but I'm sure that there are a lot of ex-ets2mp gamers out there that are afraid of coming back because of accident trauma's.. If you say would be true, there wouldn't be any ets/ats mod sites! Because none of these mods are compatile with TruckersMP..
  3. I work as a software architect for a consortium of small/medium size logistical companies that develop fleet management software and have more than 20 years development experience under my belt using all kind of languages. So I will list the languages I have used in the last year: - C# - C(++) - Lua - AVR assembly - STM32 ARM/Cortex M4/M7 assembly - (T-)SQL - Javascript - Html/Css - Java - Delphi/Pascal
  4. Isn't ETS2/ATS always on sale on steam?
  5. In RL you don't have an F2 mirror, but your RL view angle is much wider than your ets2 view angle. In you're looking ahead, you'll can still 'see' what is in the mirrors, be it not very sharp until your focus on the mirror. Our brain is trained to spot changes in our view and automatically focus on what's changed. That why someone passes you on the right in RL, you instinctively pick it up in the mirrors. You'll also spot movement on side roads. TrackIR improves visibility a lot, but you still have to turn you're head a lot to actually look into the mirrors. But that is one of the downsides of an simulator. Some (international) large trucking companies have fullsize truck simulators that are using multiple monitors mounted to the the windows (left, front and right). Not sure if making those mirrors smaller is a wise thing.
  6. I drove 5 minutes with the new DLC before I removed my flag. The 'physics' was way to amplified. Having a background in science, this bugs the hell out of me.. Even when I reverse my MB truck in 1st gear, the flag is planted to the windscreen. I think the laptop is bolted to the seat, because if the G-forces are as strong as the flag indicates, it should have hit me in da face when I made a right turn.. So, I only left the cooler.. But most DLC's of SCS are cool and like most 'flag' DLCs, I only buy them to support SCS development efforts.. Good to know there is an option to disable the accessories because I'm sure there are a few players that have flags on all 3000 spots just to troll other players..
  7. zyprexia

    led flashing beacon

    You can install beacons to a bullbar in the same way you can add a Volvo engine to a MAN truck. You edit the beacon in SP mode (so it's compatible with an bullbar slot), add the beacon(s) to your bullbar and confirm your purchase. Than you can restart in ets2mp and the beacon will remain attached to the bullbar. Accessories compability is only veriried during tuning of the truck.. It is important to note that excessive beacons can result in a ban..
  8. You should ALWAYS select the temporary_1_xx branch that ets2mp was designed for. When the new ets2mp update is out, I change mine to temporary_1_21 so that it can never change without my knowledge.. Wow, ProMods is really fast with there 1.98 release ;-) But as there aren't changes compared to 1.97 I keep it at 1.97 at the moment so I can still play ets2mp without changing ets2 versions..
  9. Nitpick mode: In general you'll need the whole internet ;-) But I guess you mean what internet SPEED you need. ets2mp doesn't use much traffic, but you may want to keep a eye on your ping times. Depending on where you stay, you might want experimenting connection with other MP servers.
  10. I must say that I like that SCS has released this DLC already with a 10% discount. While I don't expect to be really make use of the DLC, I would like to support the development efforts of SCS. They do a very good job and after more than 3 years the game is still maturing.. I wonder if the laptop will fly off the chair when I perform an emergency brake with driving 110.. Or to see the cooler hit hit the windscreen when I plow my truck into a wall.. Just wondering how good these physics really are ;-)
  11. I think he mean don't use 8.1 drivers on Windows 10.. The NVidia drivers for Windows 8.1 are rock solid on Windows 8.1
  12. That memory issue is technically not really noticable. Let me put it this, check every benchmark around the launch of the GTX970 and GTX980. None of the reviewers did notice any performance problems.. It is not now you know that the last 512mb is processed differenty than the first 3,5GB the performance of the card is different. The card still has the same performance that the reviewers praised and many reviewers gave it a performance award mainly for price/performance reasons. I have a GTX970 myself, my settings are on ultra and even in Rotterdam I don't experience any lag and that is with NVidia ShadowPlay running in the background. When I also run OBS for Twitch broadcasting I do notice a little decain in performance, but basically I then have two recorders running, both OBS and ShadowPlay (make reporting very easy). About Microstutters: The fact that you need special benchmarks software to even measure those microstutters, should tell you the real world impact on games. The thing about microstutters is that none of the reviewers can reproduce the conditions those stutter moments. That is important tell which is often ignored because most people on watch charts and have little to none knowlegde about what they are really watching. Because if you get different results for the same card on different runs, how can you even start comparing the stutter results? In fact, how clean is the AC power that goes into the PSU itself? AC Power contains a lot of noise and most (quality) PSUs can minimize that noise and almost remove all power rimples. Chances are that those power rimples are amplified by the GPU's which starved by power will show a performance decrease, hence the stutter. I have an scientific background and we have a saying, rubbish in equals rubbish out. And randomness does not belong in an scientific approach to GPUs because you can't reproduce the results..
  13. A few weeks ago I stumpled on MTV while flipping thru some channels. Back when I was in school, MTV was about music. Nowadays MTV broadcasts about everything except music.. If you think 'sex' is a dirty word, I guess you also have MTV behind parental control because of shows like Teen Mom and others.. Like Ghost already mentioned, sex education start earlier and earlier because kids become sexual on younger ages. You know what the problems is with age ratings? Age is really just a number. I know ten year olds that are more mature than some of my friends that are close of their 22nd celebration of the their adulthood.. Take for instance swearing. What good is blocking swearing on TV if the parents are swearing all the time? If you have a problem with the word 'sex' I really hope you don't learn to count in German because 'sechs' is phonetically the same.. And in the 9th grade it has the same effects like the words 'pie' and 'poo'. Not to mention that sex(e) is also used to denote male or female. On the other hand, do you even know how many children are watching shows like South Park, Simpsons or the new Muppets? Those age ratings are set by adults that have absolutely no idea at what age children become interested in sex. My plates read 'Get out' 'my way' (https://youtu.be/7L7bwzW6xow?t=25s - pause at 0:25). And then there is the issue of 'reality'. While in reality a lot of truckers are simply pigs in the same way that most car garages have centerfold posters in their workshops.. In short: Sex is not an offensive word, so it should be allowed. It becomes a different matter when it would read 'f*ck {insert religion here}' as that is clearly offensive. My rule: If parental control of Google doesn't block a word like sex, neither should ets2mp..
  14. AMD has a similar feature, I believe it's called Rapter but is basically uses a rolling record scheme of about 2 minutes and when you press a certain key-combo, the current 2 minutes of video are saved on disk. As I have an NVidia card I can't tell you exactly how Rapter works, but I heard it's very similar. I must admit that ShadowPlay isn't great for steaming live records, OBS is better at that, but not everybody has the desire to stream their journeys..
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