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  1. My most expensive game is Elite Dangerous which I bought during the alpha phase for $100. About 2 or 3 months after the game was officially released, you had the option to add the game to you're steam library. If we're talking game + expansion, than I would say FSE:SE with all the aircraft, airport and scenery addons easily go over 2000 dollar. About half of the addons had the a free update to P3D V4 (64 bit) option. However study level aircraft addons like those of PMDG and Majestic I had to re-buy. I have over 5000 logged VAFS flying hours, so all considered it was a good investment..
  2. A worrying thing I noticed today

    To be fair, moderation has improved greatly over the years. Or at least around the holidays. In 2015 moderators were giving away bans like they were hot candy or something. Because the ban is coupled to the steam-id, it is an effective tool. Of course there are always factors that TMP cannot control, sickness, (studying for) exams and internet blackholes. But I would love to see a hyper-realistic server with 90km/h speed limit and very limited non-collision zones. You need a NCZ for a player than just spanned into the game, but other players should occur damage if they hit each other, even on company grounds. The spawned player gets a NCZ state if (s)he spawns in normally considered non-collision zone until (s)he leaves this zone, than the NCZ state is disable and is only re-activated if you are teleported to a service point. Players can cope with this. I've seen it with my owns eyes in the first three days after the Scandinavia DLC was released and Scandinavia didn't had any NCZs. Players were polite, waited for each other to enter or exit a company. And there was very little damage because everybody was driving very carefully.. This of course changed radically when the NCZs were introduced a couple of days later, turning those polite players turned into animals like they were bitten by a rabid dog or something..
  3. Which map is your favorite?

    New Mexico (ATS) and Norway (part of Scandinavia DLC). I love the scenery in Norway. I even moved my headquarters to Kristiansand.
  4. for Special Transport DLC

    So, why do you need a speed limit than? Why do you want to restrict the speed of others just because you have to drive slowly? Setting a general speed limit of 60km/h is not realistic at all..
  5. 10 Best PC Truck Driving Simulator Games

    Personally I like ATS a little bit more than ETS2. The trucks are really different and even double clutch shifting is supported (g_hshifter_synchronized 0). In ETS2 especially the base map begin to show it's age.. But my preferences jump all over the place, so over 6 months the order might be reserved ;-)
  6. Totally customized or original trucks?

    I usually create trucks based on a theme. For ATS I created a truck to honor the Minnestota Vikings (while being a Atlanta Falcons fan) But normally I try to keep my trucks a bit understated..
  7. About a year ago I upgraded from FSX to Prepar3d V4 and I'm currently saving to re-buy two addon aircraft I already had under FSX (PMDG 747 and Majestic Q400). The Q400 (64-bit pro edition) costs 74 euro and the PMDG 747 for P3D V4 costs 135 dollar (that about 120 euro).. Because my videocard (GTX970) is getting a bit old, I'm also saving up to buy a new GTX1080 TI which is costs around 750 euro. That is without the watercooling blocks..
  8. for Special Transport DLC

    To be fair, in reallife there is no speed limit for special transports! It's the responsibility of the truck driver to safely move the cargo from A to B and to instruct escort vehicles. The route is defined upfront, but there is always a possibility that the route is blocked for some reason (accident, road flooded due to high water, etc) and than the driver has to instruct the escort vehicles (who only exist to assist the driver) what the new route is and he confirmed it with dispatch (insurance reasons). It is always the driver who determines the speed. You do know that while you are allowed to drive 60, you are not required to do so, right? For TruckersMP is it very simple, if you driving way to fast, it should be considered trolling.
  9. What did you get for Christmas?

    I've got the bill!
  10. Do you know your PC?

    Watch my signature for my system specs as I'm advertising it load and proud ;-)
  11. What sport or sports do you do?

    I have several sports: - Running (5km, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), Interval training (Sunday), short run (1,5-2km on Monday and wednesday). - Shooting (25m, 100m, 300m) with CZ 550 (.308) H&K AR15 (.223), Ruger Blackhawk (.44Mag) and Springfield M1911 (.45 acp) - Skeet/trap shooting (Baretta 690) I also love American Football and as a Atlanta Hub Manager I'm partial to the Falcons..
  12. Which Harry Potter film is your favorite?

    I would say I would go for the first one. It's the one where you get to know all the characters and I think it is the one with the most humor..
  13. ATSMP Status Update

    This is not true! There are probably just as much people that use addon maps like ProMods that are incompatible with TruckersMP. To be fair, I've been away from TruckersMP for a while (almost two years) because I was tired sick of trolls on the simulation server.. This has improved greatly, but I'm sure that there are a lot of ex-ets2mp gamers out there that are afraid of coming back because of accident trauma's.. If you say would be true, there wouldn't be any ets/ats mod sites! Because none of these mods are compatile with TruckersMP..
  14. What coding languages do you know?

    I work as a software architect for a consortium of small/medium size logistical companies that develop fleet management software and have more than 20 years development experience under my belt using all kind of languages. So I will list the languages I have used in the last year: - C# - C(++) - Lua - AVR assembly - STM32 ARM/Cortex M4/M7 assembly - (T-)SQL - Javascript - Html/Css - Java - Delphi/Pascal