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  1. for Special Transport DLC

    So, why do you need a speed limit than? Why do you want to restrict the speed of others just because you have to drive slowly? Setting a general speed limit of 60km/h is not realistic at all..
  2. for Special Transport DLC

    To be fair, in reallife there is no speed limit for special transports! It's the responsibility of the truck driver to safely move the cargo from A to B and to instruct escort vehicles. The route is defined upfront, but there is always a possibility that the route is blocked for some reason (accident, road flooded due to high water, etc) and than the driver has to instruct the escort vehicles (who only exist to assist the driver) what the new route is and he confirmed it with dispatch (insurance reasons). It is always the driver who determines the speed. You do know that while you are allowed to drive 60, you are not required to do so, right? For TruckersMP is it very simple, if you driving way to fast, it should be considered trolling.
  3. What sport or sports do you do?

    I have several sports: - Running (5km, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), Interval training (Sunday), short run (1,5-2km on Monday and wednesday). - Shooting (25m, 100m, 300m) with CZ 550 (.308) H&K AR15 (.223), Ruger Blackhawk (.44Mag) and Springfield M1911 (.45 acp) - Skeet/trap shooting (Baretta 690) I also love American Football and as a Atlanta Hub Manager I'm partial to the Falcons..
  4. ATSMP Status Update

    This is not true! There are probably just as much people that use addon maps like ProMods that are incompatible with TruckersMP. To be fair, I've been away from TruckersMP for a while (almost two years) because I was tired sick of trolls on the simulation server.. This has improved greatly, but I'm sure that there are a lot of ex-ets2mp gamers out there that are afraid of coming back because of accident trauma's.. If you say would be true, there wouldn't be any ets/ats mod sites! Because none of these mods are compatile with TruckersMP..
  5. What coding languages do you know?

    I work as a software architect for a consortium of small/medium size logistical companies that develop fleet management software and have more than 20 years development experience under my belt using all kind of languages. So I will list the languages I have used in the last year: - C# - C(++) - Lua - AVR assembly - STM32 ARM/Cortex M4/M7 assembly - (T-)SQL - Javascript - Html/Css - Java - Delphi/Pascal
  6. Released

    Isn't ETS2/ATS always on sale on steam?
  7. Smaller hud mirrors mod

    In RL you don't have an F2 mirror, but your RL view angle is much wider than your ets2 view angle. In you're looking ahead, you'll can still 'see' what is in the mirrors, be it not very sharp until your focus on the mirror. Our brain is trained to spot changes in our view and automatically focus on what's changed. That why someone passes you on the right in RL, you instinctively pick it up in the mirrors. You'll also spot movement on side roads. TrackIR improves visibility a lot, but you still have to turn you're head a lot to actually look into the mirrors. But that is one of the downsides of an simulator. Some (international) large trucking companies have fullsize truck simulators that are using multiple monitors mounted to the the windows (left, front and right). Not sure if making those mirrors smaller is a wise thing.
  8. Trucks & Trailers Braking Sounds

    A simulator does not simulate reality! Why is everything thinking that? A simulator simulates a SINGLE aspect of reality. That is a very big difference.. ETS2 simulates the delivery of goods. It does not simulate the physics of a truck nor does it simulate the tasks of the driver.. Ever drove over a railway crossing in ETS2? Well it doesn't matter what tires you are using, the effect remains the same. Even speed does not play a factor. That is because SCS did simulate the tire, but not the behavior of rubber and the effect of pressured air inside that tire. Thing is, that if you drive very fast (> 200km/h) over a railway crossing, you shouldn't feel the crossing (height differences) at all. Besides, a simulator can also simulate conditions that are unknown, but more of an estimate like the NASA mars simulator. Airlines use simulators to train pilots for the unthinkable and to become familiar with standard operating procedures..
  9. Increased lag with cabin accessories?

    I drove 5 minutes with the new DLC before I removed my flag. The 'physics' was way to amplified. Having a background in science, this bugs the hell out of me.. Even when I reverse my MB truck in 1st gear, the flag is planted to the windscreen. I think the laptop is bolted to the seat, because if the G-forces are as strong as the flag indicates, it should have hit me in da face when I made a right turn.. So, I only left the cooler.. But most DLC's of SCS are cool and like most 'flag' DLCs, I only buy them to support SCS development efforts.. Good to know there is an option to disable the accessories because I'm sure there are a few players that have flags on all 3000 spots just to troll other players..
  10. led flashing beacon

    You can install beacons to a bullbar in the same way you can add a Volvo engine to a MAN truck. You edit the beacon in SP mode (so it's compatible with an bullbar slot), add the beacon(s) to your bullbar and confirm your purchase. Than you can restart in ets2mp and the beacon will remain attached to the bullbar. Accessories compability is only veriried during tuning of the truck.. It is important to note that excessive beacons can result in a ban..
  11. Daily ban for "X" traffic violations in 24 hours.

    Simply no. Driving in a more realistic way should be encouraged, not enforced!
  12. Maybe the tablist should have a dropdown so you can choose how you want to sort the nearby players list. For instance I would like to filter all traffic in the opposite lanes and whether a player is in front (positive distance) or behind me (negative distance). I don't have friends, only competition ;-)
  13. Server Integration (Worldwide)

    Techniques how this could be achieved were earlier discussed in this topic: http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/12912-the-most-comprehensive-suggestion-ever-xd/ It also discussed the matter of introducing AI traffic to the game, so ghost areas aren't as empty anymore.. At this point that suggestion wasn't rejected or approved. In that light, this is a duplicate topic. If you have any ideas how to interconnect the various MP servers, please do so in the earlier mentioned topic..
  14. Redlights duration .

    But what if I (with a green light) ram a user running a red light? Who's at fault then? Not to mention that this rule is an exception to the in-game rules manifest which states that While Driving in ETS2MP, users are required to follow the European Traffic laws So, which (European) country allows driving through red lights? Saying that user can run red lights creates unambiguous (traffic) rules and to mine opinion that should be avoided at all times..